You know my name, not my story. Do I really need to know? Not unless you don’t tarnish my name. There is a story behind every name. It is up to you, how you project it to the world. If you don’t tell your story, somebody else will.



I’ve always been sure of one thing in life – the kind of person I would never ever like to be. Then came the spaces I would never like to be in, and I avoid people who draw me there. The next step was the most difficult, but came naturally to me- discovering my core … Continue reading Individuality


It is liberation. It is also unbelievable. I find myself in this space, where nobody can inflict pain. All that matters is gone. There is nothing left to be robbed or snatched, except a sense of being alive. I experience being – not slumber or wakefulness. There is no competition between have-nots. Energy moves and … Continue reading Eternity

History repeats, but how?

I am on the next leg of my journey, driving into a place, where another journey to greatness began – in 1809. Two centuries and a decade later, I wonder if his life lessons would be applicable to my quest in life. The world has changed, and so have expectations. Where do I set the … Continue reading History repeats, but how?