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The response I received to the ebook “15 Laws of Power for Women” indicates women tend to mix up the concepts of strength and power. It reminds me of a couple who chose to be in a live-in relationship in the eighties, when the concept was not common in India. It may not have been […]Power … Continue reading Power and Strength — SacredCircleforWomen



https://open.spotify.com/episode/2svwFjccgzPXrM45aHBU6o?si=Pjvo4t8kSji-WCAZ7dAtTg&dl_branch=1 “I was given these notions about success, and I spent more than half my life chasing power. It was always about finding that handle, that lever, that screw-tightener and wondering about the impact each would have.” The audience listens in stunned silence, as one of the most powerful man in the world speaks, “… … Continue reading Power


they drip with full forceInfluencers are confidentthey leave deep impressions-but underestimate receptacles Influencers are confidentthey'll cause lasting change-but underestimate receptaclespre-filled with experience they'll cause lasting changereceptacles are not emptypre-filled with experience,notions nursed over years receptacles are not emptystained mindsets rulenotions nursed over yearsnot so easy to erase https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2021/07/19/what-do-you-see-91/