Let me go

“Five years have passed, but I don’t know why we split…..” said the wistful message from a number I’ve tried hard to forget. “I’m allergic to peanut butter, despite the nutritional value. Does that answer you?” “I’d like to know the cause of allergy.” “Persistence … I wish you’d let me go – without any … Continue reading Let me go


A psychiatrist ponders

Can I get them back to our world, which I dare say is ‘normal’? Can I make them see things the way I do, and negate their own reality? Can I influence them with hope or fear, and make them fall in line? I can help them realign, but can I repair the damage done … Continue reading A psychiatrist ponders

It’s my business

“Why can’t you just mind your own business?” “I’m doing exactly that.” “By peeping over the fence?” “I need inputs from the other side to change colors.” Sigh! The business of some people…. https://patriciasplace.me/2019/09/11/in-other-words-spy/


“She is a truly nice person.” “What makes you say that? She’s nice because she accepts whatever you or I say…” “That’s a very rude way of describing her personality.” “Sorry, but she is as bland as a pancake or a pie base. The value lies in the topping or filling.” https://patriciasplace.me/2019/08/28/in-other-words-pancakes/


My fitbit shows the blood pressure rising. Nobody likes to be stood out. The least John could do was let me know the reason for delay, and at what time should I expect him. To add insult to injury, his phone is switched off. The bugger has lost his next increment. I’m his boss …. … Continue reading Waiting