All those souls I don’t know energy forms refuel, but how? the unknown always fascinates we take a guess at varied states Today, it’s fear, a story, a scare.. Who knows - tomorrow I may be there Signals from Mars - ask or annotate? It something excites, we celebrate… I celebrate those yet to be … Continue reading Halloween


Reena’s Xploration Challenge #205

Welcome back! I confess to going with the flow. But it catches you in your 'flow' zone - writing without too much of effort. PROMPT #205 The prompt line is "Do I believe in ghosts?" You don't have to actually use the words in your piece. You may if you wish to. It should be … Continue reading Reena’s Xploration Challenge #205

Spectres and Spectators

"I heard ghosts have feet pointed in the opposite direction - they are so torn between going where they belong now and interacting here in this world." "That's a good input. Because this benign ghost will move towards you and hug you ..." "whoa ..." I don't know how to manage a fake ghost spectre … Continue reading Spectres and Spectators