The destruction was gut-wrenching, undoubtedly. What sets it apart is the will power to survive, regenerate, rebuild and be watched in awe by philanthropists, historians and others. I’m sure the souls who departed then, are back now in the same place – empathizing, commemorating, helping their brethren to live again. They are whole again – … More Hiroshima

Know the rules

I felt the sand slipping beneath my feet, and soon I was sinking down below. I’d been caught in quicksand. My classmates formed a human chain to pull me out, and succeeded in about seven minutes. We were on a zoology excursion to the Alibag beach. The wonders of nature that we had fished out … More Know the rules


I am building a memorial for my dog – just installing a marble temple on her grave. It is to consecrate the relationship we shared with her – of unconditional love for one another. It might not hold any meaning for anyone after I die, because the value lies in my mind. There are people … More Consecration