Carefully structured

The organization structure is carefully built. There are special slots for the favoured ones, deliberate spaces between some so that the connections are not too obvious. They need to control it from all sides – ensuring that followers stay on a predetermined path, managing dissent, building intelligence networks to know what’s happening on the ground. … More Carefully structured

Not me

I waited for change, for what appears to be a lifetime now. Change happened, but not always for the better, and I was not driving it. I was sick of being a recipient, and waiting for Divine Grace to bless my life. The hope to find understanding, acceptance and love was gradually fading away. I … More Not me


I enjoyed the lull before the storm, but it’s over now. Fanaticism prevails. I’m as secular and liberal as I’ve always been, but the terms are now used in an abusive manner. I grew up in a Hindu household, with Muslim and Christian neighbours (two childless couples who treated me as a daughter), and we … More Martian


Spring is not just a season. Spring is not just hope. Spring spells continuity, a linkage between two parts of a cycle. Yet, spring offers no guarantees. A bud that blossoms today has a limited life span. What do I celebrate here, when I know certain elements may not reach the other end. The bud … More Spring

Long before

I was all of six years old, when I protested against something for the first time. My school teacher had deducted one mark for a perceived error. It was not really an error, so I fought back and got that one mark reinstated on my scoresheet. I had raised unreasonable demands in the past, like … More Long before

Miracle of Existence

Peeking through a telescope creates an awareness of truth. The huge orbs which  encircle my existence, the Sun which illuminates many planets and stars and the immeasurable energy flowing through humbles me. I’d forgotten how fortunate I am to just exist – caught up in the daily drama of life. The fact that we live … More Miracle of Existence


We have a huge furore here about trees being cut to make way for a metro rail project. The political and electoral ramifications complicate the matter even further. Environmentalists carefully uprooted a few trees instead of cutting them, and the same were planted in other places. Citizens have been asked to take the lush trees … More Home-grown

Drawing boards

creativity efficiency – are they different domains? I look at this magnificent concrete structure and think the architect has done a wonderful job. There were hundreds of people to support –civil engineers, technicians and labourers who implemented the architect’s ideas. Where does the creativity lie? It must have taken some imagination to put the bricks … More Drawing boards


The destruction was gut-wrenching, undoubtedly. What sets it apart is the will power to survive, regenerate, rebuild and be watched in awe by philanthropists, historians and others. I’m sure the souls who departed then, are back now in the same place – empathizing, commemorating, helping their brethren to live again. They are whole again – … More Hiroshima