“It’s an electric pole, not a cross.” “Oh, my Gosh! I see hope and then it vanishes…”  Diana is the eternal pessimist, believing in doomsday predictions and her companions are at the verge of exasperation. They decide to ignore her and get busy clicking pictures of the majestic peak in front of them.  Locals believe … Continue reading Faith


Story hunt

“I give up”. Sylvia is gasping for oxygen, as she throws her shoes to settle down in the grass. She fails to notice my ashen face. The witch hunt has led us to monstrous insights. I came hunting for a story, but reality stares back at me - mercilessly, silently. The killer has left a … Continue reading Story hunt


The world looks so different from here. But what separates me from it is still a haze… I’m not sure if what I think or infer is right. The people who hurt me are floating around, showing me unknown aspects of their existence … unknown to me that is… altering my view totally. Is revenge … Continue reading Haze


“Whom are they taking away now? The presence of the green car is ominous.” “Don’t over-stretch your imagination. Our neighbors bought a new car.” “If they can afford this car in recessionary times, check what they do or who favors them.” “You are a conspiracy theorist. Can’t someone just buy a green car?” I can't … Continue reading Consternation


call it a picnic, partying in wildernessall set to boot, but where's my companion?Let me play music and sing a songSerenade her to come where I'm waiting all set to boot, but where's my companion?let me choose the lyrics carefully from my heartSerenade her to come where I'm waitingshe's sensitive - for an apology waiting … Continue reading A-waiting

Going with the wind

“Sell off this junk. Buy some decent things." My son is visiting us for Christmas. “The income from this store took care of your college education. Now my health does not permit running it.” “I’m a brand new person after college. Renewal is the name of the game. You need to change the scene around … Continue reading Going with the wind

Intended Destinations

The journey from this point to that which was so arduous before, does not hold appeal. My feet and bottom are too big to get on those shaky metal rods. When did I outgrow myself? How cool is it to not know the possibilities, the horizons that lie beyond your view and see yourself as … Continue reading Intended Destinations

Lure of freedom

“The weather looks lovely outside.” “The tales it carries from faraway lands may not be pleasant”, says Hazel as she fiddles with the remote flicking news channels. He was fed up with being imprisoned … Yes, perhaps that is what an ultra-protected life means. He was fed up with being controlled by an almost invisible … Continue reading Lure of freedom


How can Time stop moving? How can this room be exactly the same as when grandmother left it? The aroma of chocolate cake hits his nostrils. But there can’t be an oven, if there is no electricity here. He pushes the door, the lights come on …..and his family is singing Happy Birthday… “What are … Continue reading Surprise

Dorian Gray

A famed comedian dies after a month-long struggle for life, and condolence messages swamp the internet. Someone writes “Why I don’t care” followed by a screenshot showing abusive language used by him on Twitter. Can this be the same person? It’s not easy unboxing another life, to find remnants of strange secrets and unknown temperamental … Continue reading Dorian Gray