The family is known for its rich culinary heritage. They enjoy entertaining and experimenting with cuisines. The daughter-in-law is unable to digest the fact that one needs more than bread, butter, jam, ketchup and milk to survive. Life moves on with the help of expert domestic staff. “My Mom never cooked more than this…” she … Continue reading Benchmarks

An eye for detail

"That’s me, stupid, not my grandmother.." "I can’t believe it." "Don’t. Renting a period outfit, and using the right filters does the trick." "But why should you want to look like this?" "I’m auditioning for a role in a period drama."

Late Interactions She finally succeeds in getting her mother’s soul behind the mirror. Twilight is setting in, just as it was …. all those years ago. The haze is almost the same …as it was then. It refuses to clear off, even in broad daylight. The temperature in the room drops and there’s a stench like … Continue reading Late Interactions


The transparent capsule lift in the lobby is the first of its kind in the city. The business magnate is complimented for his eclectic taste. He glides through with his beautiful wife and captures media attention. A year later, it becomes his undoing as dark secrets spill out in the open. He is in police … Continue reading Transparent

Saving up

I saw her dig up the ground and hide some of the biscuits I gave her. I fed her and her six puppies every day, but was amazed to see she provides for a drought-prone day. Soon after, I got transferred and moved to another city. The puppies had grown up and moved out. In … Continue reading Saving up


World Pulse, an international feminist initiative received this message from unidentified Afghan women, “We have lost everything that we created for ourselves in a single shot. Help us by keeping the issue alive. Keep talking about it.” What do you think can we do from social and physical distances light years away? What happens when … Continue reading Momentum


“I read the author’s first book and could barely recognise it as her writing style. It’s not about slamming it as a bad first effort. It’s about the evolution and the journey to excellence we are all on.” “There is a deterioration in some cases.” “I prefer to call it diversion to other unknown fields. … Continue reading Evolution


“Winning a beauty contest in a small town is giving you tinseltown dreams.” “Watch me as the ripples grow into a splash, and then a storm." She did grow into a storm, as scandals surrounded her films and relationships. She had grown bigger than her own expectations. They meet again, years later. She is honest … Continue reading Water

First Selfie

The Instagram coach promises to share a secret treasure at the end of the program. She speaks about the art and science of video making, and leveraging Instagram for profits. The entrepreneurs and wannabes are thrilled. How can things be so simple and so effective? She makes it so easy for them. The coach sighs. … Continue reading First Selfie


Why do we expect weatherto go by the calendar?There’s a will ticking inside....It finds ways to manifest Why go by the calendar?We celebrate inconsistencyIt finds ways to manifestWhy always do what you expect? We celebrate inconsistencyOscar Wilde instructs a childWhy always do what you expect?You're smart, you're imaginative Oscar Wilde instructs a childDon't go for … Continue reading Consistency