Balance, Harmonyoverhyped wordswhat really mattersan equalizer-Temperaturefreezes or thawsfacilitates, obstructs ice enhances tastefiery opens new vistaswhat’s tolerablehow far can you go combinations are treatiessigned by incorporatingright mix and balance Temperature lies at the core dVerse Quadrille Photo Challenge #450



Your post makes me think about how we define and create our own reality, sticking to the safe and familiar. Knowing too much would create discomfort. A cousin who recently retired said he has taken to reading books on world history, and finds that large sections of mankind have always been racial and cruel. I’d … Continue reading Food


“This is Indian food for me, not Chinese”, exclaimed a Dutch guest in an Indian restaurant. A friend’s family asks for ‘Indian Chinese food’, on a holiday to India from Thailand. They’ve been missing it so much. There was a ‘Boycott Chinese’ wave in 2020, when the world held China responsible for the pandemic. Consumption … Continue reading Blended

Poems Edible

I ingest a poem in chosen colors bursting with flavors emitting fragrance of a mind that plans well scanning recipes planning menus to suit the mood and weather stocks in the refrigerator It takes loving effort to lay poetry on the table It’s not to be derided As execution of duty I spent time and … Continue reading Poems Edible

Weighty tales

I couldn’t believe it was her. The eyes shone bright as ever, but the rest of her was lost under pounds of flesh. Yet, the famous hostess of a cooking show attracted attention. She starts with a story. “I dated an overweight guy and wanted him to lose weight. It did not happen, but I … Continue reading Weighty tales