“Provocative statements lead to deep insights. It brings out concealed and suppressed thoughts.” “Hmmm… You’ve built your career in law with this strategy.” “I need to bring out the truth, to take the case forward.” “And sometimes, plant seeds of a thought which did not exist before.” “What are you arriving at?” He is visibly … Continue reading Provoked


Story Cubes on Lucky Dip

Once upon a time, the old man holding a walking stick used to run on green lawns, catch butterflies parked on colourful flowers and dream of holding the rainbow in a transparent vase. Time flew by, as he travelled across the world in different planes and sometimes wanted to break the window and touch the … Continue reading Story Cubes on Lucky Dip


“Certain stories are highlighted in the media, only because they are preposterous. At the same time, there is an element of presenting a certain lobby’s point of view.” I guess the truth spilt out only because the bragging journalist was sober today. “Who paid you to write this story?” “Your husband.” The rape victim knew … Continue reading Professionals


“You failed to fulfil your duties as a wife and mother”…. screamed accusing fingers. But who says a wife and mother is not an individual, and has her own needs and desires. The fingers folded into fists which broke through the windows on her private existence. It was an identity crisis for them. How could … Continue reading Nirvana


“Relationships are not sacred any more”, rants Aunt Agnes again. Her son is going through his fourth divorce, for reasons he is unable to explain. I’m getting wiser after silently listening to Gen Next on social media, online dating/matrimonial sites and in person. At times, they need a visa to the land of opportunities, and … Continue reading Relationships

Whose story?

Those pages make a story for sure, but all are not written by me. How ridiculous is it to say, that I’m not the author of my own life? Am I blaming others for failure, or giving them credit for undeserved success? Maybe, I happened to be at the right place at the time to … Continue reading Whose story?


Another calendar gets ready to walk down the staircase, slowly and silently to the basement.  Will it be surprised to meet others of its own ilk, separated by digits. I guess not, for they’ve always been interlinked - stories, thoughts and ideas are not separated by numbers. The imposed frameworks of dates relegate them to  … Continue reading Basements


There’s an unprecedented chill in the air, and the ground beneath his feet is unusually cold.  “Why are you roaming barefoot in this weather, young lad?” The old man’s voice breaks his reverie. The whiff of perfume,  swish of a silk scarf, charm of a smile and beauty of a face is firmly in the … Continue reading Infatuation

A Bad Deal

She has to wait in a queue for her turn, before the valet  takes the car away to the basement parking lot. Then, the female security guard will check her person with a scanner, while her bags travel through the conveyor belt and reach her. The guy waiting for her in the lobby had apprised … Continue reading A Bad Deal

For my own sake

 I call a halt to conversations. You’re dead now. “Dead? Whom are you addressing?” “My mother-in-law … I keep replaying past conversations in my head, where I give her a befitting reply, something I couldn’t say earlier. But the acrimony doesn't stop. For the sake of my mental health, I need to let her go.” … Continue reading For my own sake