Navigating currents

“I’m moving out - to live independently.” “A heavy silence hung in the air.” “Well, I cannot stop you from doing so. But I guess you have luxuries in this house, you won’t be able to afford on your own, just yet.” “Sure, but I have no freedom. I want to launch my own startup, … Continue reading Navigating currents

In God we trust, and ….

“I trust in God, and the rocks which I need to navigate.” It is a small prayer they all say before embarking on adventures. The monk in red robes had arrived only last week, to tell them about a monastery at the top. There are monks who meditate there in silence, and do not appreciate … Continue reading In God we trust, and ….


“Thanks for guarding what I left behind! I ran three blocks to find this.” His twinkling eyes betray the shabbiness of his attire. “Are you sure you will take it back?” “Yes. Why do you ask?” “I’m convinced that you’re the owner. Three others stopped, sprayed sanitiser on it, and are probably waiting somewhere in … Continue reading Protocols


Neither man nor beast Neither guns nor robots Neither morning nor evening Neither earth nor sky Neither wind nor water can kill the Anti-God as he arrives to review redefine reconstruct the world in his own shape undefined…

Monochrome beauty

He called after more than a decade. “My daughter is flying to the USA from Delhi. She might call if any assistance is required. “Sure.” The last I’d heard about him was the annulment of his week-long marriage. Maybe he married a widow or divorcee later, and this is a foster child. He was my … Continue reading Monochrome beauty