The cafe began to feel like her only real home. The best of her talent is being put to use, and it’s not just about culinary perfection. Organisational tasks from procurement to serving and cleaning up, sales management, manpower planning, book-keeping, managing a decent profit margin and ploughing back a part of the profits in … Continue reading Cafe


People see what makes sense to them, reality notwithstandingThey write new stories to suit the old, till they overlapSure-shot joy, till lies is not exposed and trendingThe vulnerable do fall, but not at every step They write new stories to suit the old, till they overlapI see reflections in their eyes - imagination strongThe vulnerable … Continue reading Make-believe


Photo by Hernan Pauccara on A perfectly brewed cup of tea can’t fix everything. Not relationships for sure… who would know it better than her? There has to be that one point somewhere they agree on. Religion, politics, philosophy, hobbies, entertainment, food, money…. Sadly, there is none. Whatever was held in common has dwindled … Continue reading Sunrise


Photo by Connor Lucock on Spring arrived with mud and a torrent of bad news. “Wash the mud off thoroughly with soap, and spray a sanitiser after that.” “I love the smell of wet earth.” “You need to do it to retain the sense of smell.” I dreamt of trees laden with a spiky … Continue reading De-sensitised


The rat ran and he chased. He came out in the lawn, and looked for the rat between the shrubs. It probably disappeared in a rat hole somewhere. He walked back home to find that six other rats of different sizes were scurrying around the kitchen. They scooted away on seeing him, but with food … Continue reading Strategic


People see what makes sense to them, reality notwithstanding. I find myself visualising and counting the boxes inside their mind, and sadly watch the gist of what I say fall through the cracks. It hampers communication for sure. I start saying something, and then stop - knowing that it will fall between the cracks or … Continue reading Filtration


Tamsin’s heart drummed frantically. She tore through her pack, her books, and the messy desk. Where was it? She had spoken to a forensic expert, but the will was missing. How would she prove that it was tampered with? She opened her laptop to check the scanned copy. It was there. But did forensic science … Continue reading How?

Let’s grow

The rose bushes lay a siege with velveteen petals and curved thornsBabies I pat on the head, have grown hornsThe world is changing fast, let's grow togetherOr those bushes will soon drive us apart Petals change color, I did not see the thornsI need to keep pace, so keep the meter onOr those bushes will … Continue reading Let’s grow


The damp fog refused to burn away, eating up their street until the suburb became still and their house an island. This quote knocks at her creativity. The message from her friend looms large on her mind, “The tainted woman CEO of …. Bank is not so bad a person. Her husband is the real … Continue reading Fog

Mistaken identity

“Leave me alone,” she snapped, juking around him on the sidewalk and hurrying away with a quick clack of heels. “I know who has sent you. Stay away from me.” She hissed. “Wait, you are getting it all wrong….” said Altaf. Aaarrrghhhh… She was lying in a heap on the sidewalk, and he was helping … Continue reading Mistaken identity