Preparing for the End

I often talk about this subject in my financial literacy sessions. What does one need to do from a financial angle to prepare for the ultimate truth – your exit from the world? I give below a few pointers and questions. Study the succession laws in your country in detail. Write a will. It can … Continue reading Preparing for the End



“I’ve just sent you Rs.10/- by the payment app. Scan the QR code to receive full payment.” “Your card has been blocked due to a suspected fraudulent transaction. Please share your PIN to enable us to reset safety levels.” “Your Apple id has been blocked. Enter details by clicking on the link below.” Really? I … Continue reading Con

Empty space “I don’t want that empty space in the shelf to become a negative space, to take away something from the future.” “I guess we’ll put some games and toys there.” The librarian thinks aloud. “No. It needs to be a value-add, not a filler.” “What do you have in mind?” “Books on financial literacy. … Continue reading Empty space