Blame Game

blamingdiverts us frombeacons of guiding light-gives a smug satisfaction ofI'm righttruth remains in darkness somewhereit is shunned for causingdiscomfort toego

Good Morning

a new morning brings a new chapter to be authored reflections of sun rays on dewdrops show myriad possibilities pick colors of choice rearrange them in kaleidoscopic patterns rainbows feel so outdated restricted…. the sky steps down in blue droplets to know the secrets


unstable feet in whirlpools splashy ideas labeled insane rising above eddy currents subconscious imprints driving life epiphanies of thought never explained creativity is a science not mastered yet… Written for Eugi's Weekly Prompt - Splashy

Kids killed in war?

don't dunksoaring spiritsin dark, boiling liquidsthey need aerial views to buildnew worldsdon't feed them to hungry vulturesnever ending fire streamsrespect rights tolive, dream

Don’t sell short

will you measure strength and then teach wrong techniques - with inaccurate tools? -survival is compromise if I can prosper and lead

Painting the Moon

I wish I could write the sun paint the moon cook air in deep waters -incorporate it all in human minds till they glowed -caressing the sky reflecting away negativity bouncing light gliding through life -till they meet another glorious moment in the arms of Death -just unfamiliar not dark not sad -just another world … Continue reading Painting the Moon