Fluid Plans

we are different like chalk and unerasable ink we write life stories with preferred tools I retain liberty to erase, reimagine, rewrite. your plan is religion and change sacrilege I let hard lines be washed to make way for new flowing colors of life https://dversepoets.com/2022/04/18/quadrille-150-chalk-it-up-to-poetry/


fantasies mushrooming in shell-shocked minds suspended underground by power play in the skies it’s the only way to escape doom, to plant hope in a child fingering canned food thinking of tomorrow in an alien land and come back the day after under a clear blue sky events push different buttons in different people -immortalizing … Continue reading Fantasies


Walking through the woods may have been a way of life for some. I booked a safari to drive through the forest in a jeep, with a professional driver. I’m expected to believe what they tell me about the animals, my own research notwithstanding.  Then the unexpected happens. A tiger is sitting on the bonnet … Continue reading Conversation

Mornings – an awakening

I woke up with a thoughtit intends to hijack my dayI looked at my goal-sheet thenI know I should not let it win it intends to hijack my dayit throws me at tangents, like a trollI know I should not let it wina growing orange ball enlightens me it throws me at tangents, like a … Continue reading Mornings – an awakening

Looking back

Looking back is futile with miles ahead to go if you want forward movement you need to go with the flow Looking back gives insights into paths you did not take what could’ve been done better and your destiny remake Looking back is analysis to be done from a distance don’t let whirlpools pull you … Continue reading Looking back

On familiar grounds

transitoriness with a promise of recurrence -seasons promise coveted comfort I let fleeting thoughts become algorithms for future on familiar grounds change disturbs catches me unprepared with suitable clothing or temperature controls A new thought strikes I don’t have decoding software Catastrophe… Reject it… https://dversepoets.com/2022/04/04/dverse-monday-quadrille-149-tis-the-season/

Neutral Ether

A beautiful face bursting with confidence makes age look distinguished droopy lids bags under eyes unerasable lines signs of changing weather the winter sun poor ghost of itself hung milky and wan behind layers of cloud she once dreamt of seeing her name etched in the skyline or even a floating balloon she sees darkness … Continue reading Neutral Ether


rolling fogs conceal things at just the right time leave edited highlights -make gross patches look sublime unreliable mirrors unsure of themselves disbelieve experiments -fleeting images enable conclusions, laugh in merriment masquerading evil dons a new garb -before the first light of dawn strikes -blows its own trumpet, proves its might Tea with Florence makes … Continue reading Un-believe


stone tablets to leaves, to paper -silent witnesses to history in a state of decay giving way to mutable backgrounds alterable at will -to redefine context prove your truth screens instill hope history will neither support nor oppose -just transform to suit the future Written for dVerse Quadrille #148 - Papered Poems