Kikimora and Domovoy

Life is such a limiting term, if I think of it as related to the body. In how many forms does energy live on the earth, without a body?  Folklore is built by intrigued minds around the unusual experience of a few. Fear is felt by minds that cannot accept the unfamiliar, and their stories … Continue reading Kikimora and Domovoy



The house is isolated, a little away from the mainstream. People who live in surrounding areas are often perplexed about its existence and purpose. Interestingly, the house has smart sensors and receives signals from different parts of the world. Intellectual inputs and ideas are always welcome. It is well-connected, but not part of a spy … Continue reading House


“Shouldn’t the night sky be midnight and silver, rather than blue and yellow?” My husband is being critical as usual. He has never liked this interior decorator. “This is soothing on the eyes. And my baby is going to shine like gold, not a subdued silver.” His arms engulf me in a split second, and … Continue reading Wallpaper