I clearly see the reflection of outdoor greenery on the television screen, but can’t see her.  Her handbag lies open on the couch. Where is she? Am I turning voyeuristic? Yes, but into people’s minds. I want to see if she turns towards the books or the long-stemmed giant red rose. The last three visitors … Continue reading Inclusion

Blame Game

blamingdiverts us frombeacons of guiding light-gives a smug satisfaction ofI'm righttruth remains in darkness somewhereit is shunned for causingdiscomfort toego


life is expecting the unexpected - to tear you out of comfort zones, propel action in new directions; unseen paths beckon with promise - it just might be good for me


“Life is about giving, irrespective of your own needs”. My revered grandmother kept repeating this. I follow her advice in taking care of the drug addicts, unemployed and other needy members in the family. Nevertheless, they continue to be a nuisance with their behavior. Nor did I realize that my need for approval drives me … Continue reading Giving


“Your ancestors planted prejudice in you about so many things. Your lifestyle, beliefs and rituals all reflect a preference. You choose one thing to reject another, and the rejection is based on a judgment, which is not necessarily yours.” “Today, this is my truth…” “I may have a different truth about the same thing at … Continue reading Prejudice


some daywhen I've masteredall forms of poetryI will feel blessed by the MakerGod's Grace God's Gracewill be neededagain, when I hunt forpublishers, opportunities,success Successdefined and howwhere does it lie - in fame,money or creativitymy call my callmay be to teachall that I learnt hard wayand there won't be any studentsWho cares? Who careswhen publisherscall poetry … Continue reading Poetry

Myth of Control

“I’ve reached the end of the tether …. The team will never deliver the results I want, just like my daughter’s magic doll.” “What about the magic doll?” I’m sure there’s a metaphor coming up. “She gives it a silver wash to make it look like an alien, and the paint cracks up  in a … Continue reading Myth of Control

Shobhaa De – in 100 words

Shobhaa De is a 74 year old pulp fiction author with a long series of books, and Starry Nights is one of her titles. She attracted attention for portraying the sleaziness of higher echelons of society. I've just played around with her book titles for this piece. Snapshots of Sultry days Socialite Evenings Starry nights … Continue reading Shobhaa De – in 100 words