Breaking Mirrors

I watch with disbelief unidentifiable pieces of a splintered self mock and challenge like ten heads of Raavan never at peace with each other I search for the base on which rest pieces of a damaged psyche Re-engineering too needs a logic in the face of bullets flying from all sides I redefine the self … Continue reading Breaking Mirrors

Modern Motherhood

The meeting starts at 9.30 am. I’m late. The kids have to manage with takeaways. They love it, but I’m not sure if it is the right thing for healthy growth. I stop in my tracks by the sarcastic look in my  boss’s eyes “You’re not the only mother out here. We need to run … Continue reading Modern Motherhood

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #230

Welcome to another week between two eclipses! I'm not alluding meaning to it, as different people interpret this gap differently. It just took me to the space between two stages of a relationship or life. Anything can transpire. So, here's your weekly prompt. PROMPT #230 Treat the two images as two stages, and write about … Continue reading Reena’s Xploration Challenge #230


It’s no mean feat to organize a high-profile wedding which will be talked about for months. 5 pm is a little too early for firecrackers as the sky is still sunny and bright, and arranging air conditioning for the large guest list has taken a toll on the budget . Confetti on the guests at … Continue reading Mega-weddings

Poems Edible

I ingest a poem in chosen colors bursting with flavors emitting fragrance of a mind that plans well scanning recipes planning menus to suit the mood and weather stocks in the refrigerator It takes loving effort to lay poetry on the table It’s not to be derided As execution of duty I spent time and … Continue reading Poems Edible


I clearly see the reflection of outdoor greenery on the television screen, but can’t see her.  Her handbag lies open on the couch. Where is she? Am I turning voyeuristic? Yes, but into people’s minds. I want to see if she turns towards the books or the long-stemmed giant red rose. The last three visitors … Continue reading Inclusion

Blame Game

blamingdiverts us frombeacons of guiding light-gives a smug satisfaction ofI'm righttruth remains in darkness somewhereit is shunned for causingdiscomfort toego


life is expecting the unexpected - to tear you out of comfort zones, propel action in new directions; unseen paths beckon with promise - it just might be good for me


“Life is about giving, irrespective of your own needs”. My revered grandmother kept repeating this. I follow her advice in taking care of the drug addicts, unemployed and other needy members in the family. Nevertheless, they continue to be a nuisance with their behavior. Nor did I realize that my need for approval drives me … Continue reading Giving