Subconscious alleys

I think I was born out of someone else’s will -unarmed, unprepared I go back enriched, strengthened by lessons I may forget but lurking somewhere -alive in folds of the soul they control me, and once more, I write fresh stories -ink on electronic screens need to learn coding to communicate again express myself in … More Subconscious alleys

Life lessons

holdingstumps of a lifeonce well lived, now masked withdesire to live longer – viralfears rulevanity steps back, relearns lifecarefully separatesexistence fromlifestyles

The other side

I don’t think I wanted to be here -unfamiliar, dark environs semblance of humanity staring back from windows shows different worlds -and then I know learning helps -to know Me


BADGER HEXASTICH choosingwhat’s right makes thembright – while I absorb painenvelope screaming worldsand yet remaindull grey