BADGER HEXASTICH choosingwhat’s right makes thembright – while I absorb painenvelope screaming worldsand yet remaindull grey


godliness cast in mouldsto make it tangiblein suspecting cruciblesof human minds god needs to look like menot wind, water flowingto receive His blessings-soul force divine clay statues satisfy-I’ve locked divinitymanaged infinityset to rewind I cheat the wind outsideknowing that God is intemples can’t see my sin-conscience defined

Thanks, Goodbye

Did i  want to see you sprouting a hero’s wings You were born a villain – but changed stories with your unscheduled, unplanned flight we lived isolated, independent of all that was thought of as indispensable surprised by our inherent strength -explored creative fields, emerged artists painting bright new landscapes Thank you, Corona Goodbye!


The theme for the week given by Colleen Chesebro is a haiku written by Sue Vincent clouds cover the moon, beyond dawn’s pale horizon sun rises unseen ©2020 Sue Vincent My take perceptions based onrange of visibility-our simplified worldshelp us wax poetic onunknown complex universe


she is blessed with tresses to cover modesty but often gets so lost in thoughts -unveiled she needs to understand herself before knowing what to project, and what to hide love she has known not, never seen herself in someone’s eyes -not misled by Cupid she has time in capable hands to decide her life’s … More Unveiled