life is expecting the unexpected - to tear you out of comfort zones, propel action in new directions; unseen paths beckon with promise - it just might be good for me https://wordcraftpoetry.com/2022/05/10/tankatuesday-poetry-challenge-no-273-specificform/


The form used is EP Johnson Quintet The form is stanzaic, consisting of two or more quintets. It is of Canadian origin. The rhyme scheme is abbba accca…etc.  (Indicating that the ending words of L1 and L5 are repeated in each stanza.) It is syllabic: 8/9/9/9/8 Can this ever be home for me? I look at teal and … Continue reading Incompatible

Whyquain – Beginnings and Endings

Whyquain A form invented on AllPoetry.com by Gloria Kim, aka Porphery.  It is a single verse of five iambic tetrameter lines in monorhyme which answers some asked or un-asked question. POEM why do we think in clean, straight linesor in a curve of some design?reach points - circles can't determinethoughts unhinged, in shapes redefinedAre we … Continue reading Whyquain – Beginnings and Endings


The form used is Kimo - Israeli version of Haiku with 10,7,6 syllables dipping in the blues shows different worlds,fear in their eyes - my sharpnessmirrors insanity witnessing the power of unknown depthsunfathomable - their ownreflections drive judgment submarines constructed to explore whatlies below vision limitsdisturb my peace - again https://wordcraftpoetry.com/2022/04/19/tankatuesday-poetry-challenge-no-270-photoprompt/


The king of the jungle is called so, because other animals fear his power to harm. I wonder if democracy is just a garb for imposed assumptions. They manipulate you into believing that a powerful ruler protects you against harm. The harm done to your independence is not mentioned. We pay to be controlled. it's … Continue reading Representatives


fickle-mindednessdescribes generation gapsDo I rememberwhat I dreamt about in youthwhere have I finally reached?-graveyards of experience https://wordcraftpoetry.com/2022/03/29/tankatuesday-weekly-poetry-challenge-no-251-shareyourday/


tsunamis are restless oceans in turmoil - waves rise high to witness orange ball called Sun flaming up the blue sky it then withdraws into its depth knows what holds it aloft to challenge fire, invite its wrath battle lines can't be soft known power against enemies defines identity edited highlights defy peace recreate enmity … Continue reading Enemy-centered

Blood Quill

The poetry form chosen is Blood Quill. Two stanzas of six lines each - Syllables 6-6-9-6-6-9 - Rhyme abcabc defdef a dance of merriment to please parched minds and soul seeking relief from scorched earth and sun -it's only a statement we are alive and whole -connected to share, we all are one strength revels … Continue reading Blood Quill

English Doha

A doha is a couplet consisting of two lines, each of 24 instants called 'Matras'. Each line has 13 instants in first part and 11 instants in the second. The first and third quarters of doha have 13 instants which must parse as 6-4-3. Source: Wikipedia Epics like the Ramayana tell a whole story in … Continue reading English Doha