skeletonshappiness gone bycan they bidto capturebroken spirits, reinstatethem to past glory wonder how can I bid for my own property skeletons can’t speak, but do feel left out


I see you hanging between planets entry not granted by any entity to your dark soul propelled by curses blocked by positive forces Karma paybacks on a roll dark depths of my angst provoked by monstrosities battles of control go away know not what to say I see you somewhere there struggling to justify you … More Resurgence


we’d get along well only if one could tell what’s happening here and now? We gel… your expectations preconceived notions clash with who am I right now in circulation voices from graveyards tear me to shards Today? NO… It’s just not on the cards inscribed assessment to deliver judgement I am flowing ink neither sacrilege … More Flowing

Tanka Prose

This is a ‘tanka prose’ created by the ‘Found Poetry’ method from my own piece Monsters I continue to be the monster in their stories…. There might be a day when one of them is in trouble. If I sense that, and am capable of helping out, I offer a hand silently. To accept or … More Tanka Prose

Biggest Discovery

No … I’m not down and outif that’s what you wish to seeI’ll live on my terms, let the world be damned Yes, I still have my cloutthough I’m not smiling with gleeI’m in full control, I know where I stand don’t look at me like thisI’m no object of pitymy mind is now open, … More Biggest Discovery