I watchmy illusionsmeet yours – the world wonderswill it be a battle of wills OR LOVE? what lies at the core is the samea wish to influenceanother’s life EGO….


you seereflected raysbelieve it’s an aurathe darkness within celebratesitselfbeing the core, being realknowing the world’s bewitchedby reflectionsof truth


why doesdeath block foresightwhen I want to feel light?Permanence of a free spiritblocks end…


freedommore than a wordhow many syllablesis a framework imposed on thought-structurematters, it also binds free thoughtdefine your own shape, writehappy songs infree verse


observechurning within-all that takes me acrossice blue coolness of horizons-segue

Mute Witness

your close proximity to sky blue illusions makes you privy to dark secrets Looking up reveals the conspiracy of taking worlds on great rides -Mute hills stand witness