Cycles of cheer The season of cheer is over. Santa moves back to familiar environs of comfort after doling out promises and gifts. The pall bearers of dreams carry the carriers away. Coloured wrapping paper is strewn all around carrying different stories of ecstasy and disappointment. A child exclaims, “Mosquitoes sparkle so much in December.” The homeless … Continue reading Cycles of cheer


Little Saint Nick

Jim's Music Prompt My take your boys keep tossing boxes of dreams Tell me what slipped out in between frozen wishes in drafts of cold breeze fell from the stars, caught in the trees What was not a piece of cake, not workable on a quick uptake let me catch all that is unspent … Continue reading Little Saint Nick

Who knows?

spiritsmerge with formatsfestivities aboundI too want to welcomecheerful vibes - Butwho knows? It's a Badger's hexastich.

Christmas Years

Decorated buildings and market places, Christmas parties and a benevolent Santa at every corner takes me back to my childhood, when Christmas was not so widely celebrated in India. I was one of the few to enjoy this festival, being the resident of a predominantly Christian neighborhood. Our next-door neighbors, Robert and Josephine were a … Continue reading Christmas Years