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In a flash

This is in response to Eugi's Weekly Prompt - Faraway That faraway look holds the potential to reveal quite a lot. Looking  left up, right up or downwards is an indicator of parts of memory being accessed, or new ones manufactured. It gives me a sense of power, short-lived. Who has ever stopped the train … Continue reading In a flash

So much easier

Photo by Mark Angelo on meet you somewhere thereplaces we've not been beforecall to be touched onceit's so much more easierto not recall you laterwithout any nagging guilt For those who remember the old classic 'Hare Ram Hare Krishna' based on the Hippie movement, and can follow the language, here's a video.


I click on an ex-colleague’s Instagram post, and she appears in my dreams that night – a long-lost associate I’ve not been thinking about lately. Stirred memories? A person who stabbed me in the back and earned my hatred appears in dreams – asking for forgiveness or trying to mend fences. Is that a subconscious … Continue reading Fascinated