festive cheer measured by spending overtakes exquisite charm of social do’s where personal care overflowed


The sky outside is stormy and dark. Lightning flashes in the sapphire blue of your eyes. My palms and soles are cold. You are furious about something. The stewardess pours a steaming latte in the Styrofoam cup, and it wobbles a bit. Is it going to be my last sip of life? Suddenly, you smile … More Independence


Sage needs to be added before or during the cooking process to flavour a meat. A person becomes a sage, after life has flavoured his/her thinking process. I don’t know who decided that the flavour matters, not the time of addition or impact. Language hides a lot of humor and pain. It has been created … More Flavors

What do you see?

Your shapes are interesting Mine – an aberration   Your words are wisdom Mine – graffiti collection   Your vision is powerful Mine – a hallucination   Your actions create history Mine – a drop in the ocean   I took years to unlearn logic All that matters is projection


They touched their cheeks to ensure if it was real. They couldn’t fathom if they were lying on grass, or floating high up amongst leaves. The feet were not touching the ground. The existence was light as a leaf for sure – they were not bothered if their pristine white outfits would stain, or if … More Mystical

Lessons of a lifetime

silhouettes of the soul bent, broken, aching footsteps   stories so inconsequential in the backdrop of the sky   a light within – floating in air on wings of wisdom and love   lessons of a lifetime carrying the universe through


rainbows depict myriad hues of the world and humanity   I wonder what is the message behind omission of black and white   mixing shades redefining norms we play around with nature’s intent


I watch the fury of rain lashing against my window asking to be let in the environs of my insulated life   I feel the silence of the tempest in the mind tearing me apart the same night …   I walk out and soak myself feeling the unison of the inside and outside