Tell me, O PhoenixAre you the sameas older versionsAre you only oneunique work of artor a subversion? Do fire and ashremain neutralto retain your core?Do you rememberscars on the soulor tales of yore… your colorsIncredibly beautifulis the compositiona fractalor has it changedsoul of rendition? fractals are miraclesbut do those speeding,repeating patternsfeel aliveon straight pathswith no … Continue reading Reincarnations


What is Style? — SacredCircleforWomen WHAT IS STYLE Style is another name for individuality. It is not the latest fashion, or trends which will disappear in a short time. Style is about expression of your taste and individuality, in your attire, manner of speech, body language, home decor, places you shop from …just about everything that involves a choice. … Continue reading What is Style? — SacredCircleforWomen

Style Tuesdays – ‘Shades’ for the eyes — SacredCircleforWomen

Paeans have always been sung for beautiful eyes, yet, never before have eyes been the sole point of focus as it happens now – on masked faces. While eye makeup is gaining prominence, the need to protect skin around eyes is also high. Eye creams are therapy – used to reverse damage which has already […]Style … Continue reading Style Tuesdays – ‘Shades’ for the eyes — SacredCircleforWomen