There is so much parking space, but she is not in her car today. Delicious lunch in a small cafe, buying a glamor magazine and an intellectual book from the roadside vendor, followed by a lazy afternoon in the salon getting a facial done is her idea of pure bliss. The road still looks deserted … Continue reading Minimalist


Packing a life

“I can’t leave this behind”. She wailed. “But why? It’s not easy to lug it around, when movement is uncertain.” “My grandma enjoyed the outdoors with us on this chair - in the garden, on the beach and wherever our fancy would take us.” “I’m sure you don’t want her to see fire raining from … Continue reading Packing a life

Right to Be

She’s accused of being unsocial.  They spare no opportunity to blame her for indifference or  breaking rules set by others.  She understands the reason for animosity is a personality difference, but does not understand what stops them from minding their own business. Another accusation flies, another shard cuts her soul, another day brings in a … Continue reading Right to Be

Carrol Crush Saga

Three voices don’t let me sleep What I want? What society expects from me? What I expect myself to do? Four riddles are never solved What do those people think about me? Do they really care to think about me ….. or anything else? Why am I thinking about what they think about me? Echoes … Continue reading Carrol Crush Saga


The Bonds they had invested in for retirement are declared as junk by credit rating agencies. A huge scam is exposed, whereby AT1 bonds meant for institutional selling were offloaded on retail customers by sales personnel of banks, before the bank failed and was taken over by another entity. An uproar follows but no action … Continue reading Redemption

Deep in the woods…

deep in the woods, stands a story untoldsomeone drove there, remained in the foldgrapevines say so, that he did not returna novelist who struck an idea on the run someone drove there, remained in the foldwho knows what truth is buried under molda novelist who struck an idea on the rundid he meet a wandering … Continue reading Deep in the woods…


It is a night unlike another. Tomorrow could see him taking off for greener pastures or pulled back in the same cesspool. The appointment letter is in hand, but his family is not happy about his emigration to another country. The skies are dark gray and laden with clouds. A storm is expected to hit … Continue reading Storm

Infinity Let yesterday’s thoughts lie in the graveyards they belong to. What is true is only the here and now. The writer’s block hits at this moment, and a white screen stares at her. “Your truth feels blank at times, but remember it is infinity - with the potential to take you ahead,” the lines … Continue reading Infinity

Anger Why do clouds look like angry birds, hungry for revenge on invisible enemies? Anger lives in territories of its own, with deep roots and repressed emotions. It changes its language, depending on who or what it is directed at. I wonder if they recognise their own reflections. How do they label it? Angry birds … Continue reading Anger

Cycles of cheer The season of cheer is over. Santa moves back to familiar environs of comfort after doling out promises and gifts. The pall bearers of dreams carry the carriers away. Coloured wrapping paper is strewn all around carrying different stories of ecstasy and disappointment. A child exclaims, “Mosquitoes sparkle so much in December.” The homeless … Continue reading Cycles of cheer