Dreaming together

We walked into the haze together, several years ago, not knowing what lies ahead. Faith kept us together, that only better things lie ahead. The rocks we had failed to see tested us at many points, as the haze thinned down and heat escalated. We stumbled, blamed each other for placing those in our way … Continue reading Dreaming together


Lure of freedom

“The weather looks lovely outside.” “The tales it carries from faraway lands may not be pleasant”, says Hazel as she fiddles with the remote flicking news channels. He was fed up with being imprisoned … Yes, perhaps that is what an ultra-protected life means. He was fed up with being controlled by an almost invisible … Continue reading Lure of freedom


How can Time stop moving? How can this room be exactly the same as when grandmother left it? The aroma of chocolate cake hits his nostrils. But there can’t be an oven, if there is no electricity here. He pushes the door, the lights come on …..and his family is singing Happy Birthday… “What are … Continue reading Surprise


I distinctly remember the midnight mass I attended with Aunt Josephine, and the purple frock with golden checks stitched by my mom for Christmas. I was all of five years old. Eid was spent with Uncle Latif and Aunt Mariam. The childless couple doted on me, and cooked vegetarian food for us, respecting my family’s … Continue reading Bonding

Better connected

from there to herefrom here to wherewhat a journeyin search of querencia he derides my kneeling posturethen, my folded handsand saysGo find it within … What a laconic expressionfor an iconic journeyfrom my world perceptionto a place inside me I only want sturmfreiwithout going astraythe devil’s wayA smooth sashayOf inspiring raysinto the core It matters … Continue reading Better connected


It feels great to be on the seaside jotting down thoughts, the feeling of anonymity exhilarating, as I shed the burden of ego and constructed self. Stories flow smoothly with a pen-name - it’s not seen as confession or spilled secrets. Somehow, the characters evolve into different beings and act in a manner not envisaged … Continue reading Fiction

A new era

The light is unaware of the lens above it. The fluid in the glass is about to splash in excitement, but stops as it feels being spied upon. Can you believe this was just before the advent of the Aliens? The Innocent did not know their lives were being taken over. Thereafter, they became specimens … Continue reading A new era


“There are no permanent enemies or friends in politics”, sighed the party loyalist on seeing his leader shake hands with their bete noire, “all the intense battles we fought have come to nought today.” “The quest for power demands a different discipline. Nobody hands over power to you on a platter,” came another voice with … Continue reading Eclipse


The chamber is dark, but she can sense blood trickling towards the door. Her entire life is being streamed live by some unknown source … and yes, she discovers truths she had missed, or rather chosen to deny. She wants to make accusations, seek explanations or correct certain perspectives, including her own. But the grip … Continue reading Finale


I clearly see the reflection of outdoor greenery on the television screen, but can’t see her.  Her handbag lies open on the couch. Where is she? Am I turning voyeuristic? Yes, but into people’s minds. I want to see if she turns towards the books or the long-stemmed giant red rose. The last three visitors … Continue reading Inclusion