Anger Why do clouds look like angry birds, hungry for revenge on invisible enemies? Anger lives in territories of its own, with deep roots and repressed emotions. It changes its language, depending on who or what it is directed at. I wonder if they recognise their own reflections. How do they label it? Angry birds … Continue reading Anger

Cycles of cheer The season of cheer is over. Santa moves back to familiar environs of comfort after doling out promises and gifts. The pall bearers of dreams carry the carriers away. Coloured wrapping paper is strewn all around carrying different stories of ecstasy and disappointment. A child exclaims, “Mosquitoes sparkle so much in December.” The homeless … Continue reading Cycles of cheer

A-changing The storyline of some movies I saw in childhood centred around village fairs - lost and found themes, kidnapping, poverty and exploitation.  I see a new tribe of village women here, all made up and wearing red lipstick selling sugarcane juice. It is a marvel how the local mindset has changed from keeping women … Continue reading A-changing


At the end of the week, Aiden mustered up the courage to go into his father’s room. He immediately sensed he did not want to be there. This is not the person on whose shoulders he had grown up. This man is a stranger with sunken eyes and a blank look.  Then a light shone … Continue reading Impact

Get lost An old woman rambles on about her life - though the stories have lost relevance to others. Writers pick up a notepad at midnight, to prevent loss of whatever springs up within them. What you do not visualise clearly before you want it, gets lost. Yet, there’s so much I would like to lose … Continue reading Get lost

Underwater Rehab is no joke, especially if you happen to be a celebrity’s son grown in the lap of luxury.  Those inmates I consider below my dignity to interact with, have seen me crying - defenceless, helpless - not the prince I’m supposed to be. They say I’ll overcome the blues one day, and go … Continue reading Underwater

Sabotage The plan is laid out for execution. After all checks are carried out, Johnson decides to meditate to gather himself. The scene around him is changing … clouds gather …. the light is hazy… The spectre of uncertainty hanging above him assumes larger proportions. It engulfs his existence to the extent of paralysis. He … Continue reading Sabotage


The family is known for its rich culinary heritage. They enjoy entertaining and experimenting with cuisines. The daughter-in-law is unable to digest the fact that one needs more than bread, butter, jam, ketchup and milk to survive. Life moves on with the help of expert domestic staff. “My Mom never cooked more than this…” she … Continue reading Benchmarks


Today, Tristan decided to be a pirate. I secretly envied the richness of his imaginary life. He chose a new character to act out every day. I encouraged it, as it inculcated the habit of reading. Videos give a different lens, so I just want him to read and enact it out. I enjoyed the … Continue reading Lens

On a different plane

I’ve heard stories about black holes. People lost and never found are supposed to reside there.  Is a black hole really black, or just a space where gravitational and other powers do not work? It means existence is not relative to any other force. If I meet any of the other people lost before, how … Continue reading On a different plane