This is a beauty - stunning beyond imagination. Compartments in vibrant colors in constant motion - meeting each other and then growing apart, changing the shape of corridors in between. It appears to reflect my mood. I love the picturesque sight so much more. This strangely familiar splendor is intimidating. My brain threatens to overpower … Continue reading Stunning

Exciting journeys

This is where I find myselfin meditationa speck of dust from planetson a vacation I'll return to the source soonafter some actionmaybe another planetsends information exciting journeys aheadno altercationbeing is supreme - I don'tkeep expectations

My mind

My mind …. by Sadje

Keep it alive

We have a collage this week.


My mind thinks
Thoughts aplenty
Zooming around
Like fish in a bowl

Sometimes they are
All positive
And sometimes
Negativity strikes

Sometimes gratitude
Is overwhelming
But at others
Self-pity dominates

My mind is a maze
And even I don’t know
The full potential
Of this remarkable engine


Written for RXC PROMPT #235, hosted by Reena



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Mind Games!

Mind games ….by Radhika


My mind is adept at playing games with me, follows no rules, and wields a power so strong,

the darkness of its depth leaves me petrified, I writhe under its sting, the pain seems unbearable

sometimes it shrivels like a deflated balloon, but mostly it swells up in haughty pride

 it conjures up the wiliest thoughts, cementing it with resolute conviction and barricading it with an inflated ego.

I am blinded in a haze when it showers missiles of fear.

Wallowing in self-doubt, I feel like a hapless pawn under its clutches.

It is only when its sublime qualities come to fore, it rings in bells of happiness

I love its mellowed persona, when I get to be Me, revelling in a euphoric bubble, afraid that it may burst anytime.

After long battle of trying to gain control over my mind,

I have realized, its mercurial temperament is fraught with…

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Danger Zones

The title of his latest book is “Where there is no fear”. The book cover shows his fingers tapping a keyboard and the image of a brain on the screen, with illuminated zones. The message on the back cover: “Danger zones are nothing but unfamiliar places, where we find ourselves powerless to respond in the … Continue reading Danger Zones


Whatever you fear most has no powerIt is your fear that has power To send you off on unwanted tangentsTo make you think of improbable thingsTo transfer your fears to othersInstilling negativity Whatever has to happen will happenYour fear is about your powerlessnessIn the face of changeBut change is what will drive youTo the next … Continue reading Fear

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #235

Lady Lee’s response to RXC#235


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from“Do/Do Not”by Nisha Atalie:sniff, open, mouth, poison, paths, mountain, rainwater, dead, shiny, ducks, glittering, mangos

Sometimes, even I’m afraid

Of the things my mind comes up with

As I open my mouth, one never knows

If glittering sayings or poison ivy comes out

The paths of discovery is amazing

Sniffing rainwater or ripe mangos

One never knows until one tries

Sometimes, even I’m afraid

Climbing mountains or any challenge

All the struggles and hindrance

There is always pros and cons

Of the things my mind comes up with

Shiny truth or reaching a dead track

Could be rewarding, could be frustrating

Birds still fly, ducks quacking

As I open my mouth, one never knows

Our mind’s brilliant with random thoughts

Connecting things and memories

All the secrets we keep, heartaches and pain

If glittering sayings or poison ivy comes out*

(c) ladyleemanila 2022

  • Cascade

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Tenacity …by Mich Navajas



we could be anything we want to be with the power of our minds we will see

how our dreams and our goals become a reality
‘though the road may not always be easy as one two three

i had my fair share of failures along the way
it was difficult it tested my resilience and tenacity

i relied on my courage and continued even in the absence of my strength

i fought back fearlessly over and over again for what i truly want

i am where i am now because i refused to stay where i was before

i am where i am now because i dared to move ahead even when the road was chaotic

i am where i am now because i stopped looking back and looked forward all the time

for nothing in this world can take the place of a powerful mind a tenacious…

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Collage by Jim Adams

A Unique Title For Me

People like to group things when they perceive similarities or differences, and this helps to satisfy their need for understanding why things belong together, or why they don’t.  By arranging certain objects in a systematic manner, that makes them easier to handle.  When things are organized into groups, the properties of an object are illustrated more clearly and then you can contrast and compare these objects.  Humans see organized patterns in almost everything that we look at, and this is because our minds tend to detect and classify things based on certain rules.  A collage assembles different things together, and by doing this, it creates a new form of art, which is supposed to convey a message or an idea.

Let’s try to find the message here with the faded out black and white picture of the girl with the big lips wearing a bandana being shown with Stuart the…

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