Longing to Belong

Longing to Belong … by Ken


Longing to Belong

How can I belong when I long
for something different,

when life holds little
more than disappointment?

I take a deep breath every time
I wonder if I’m meant to be here,

yet I continue to listen
when my voices ask these questions.

How can I dismiss them, any more
than dreams that offer alternatives?

I am most alive when I embrace
the anxiety they hold.

Is it madness to question
whether I am where I belong?


This is my response to Reena’s Xploration Challenge #231. Reena offers a video poem, “How to Be Alone” by Pádraig Ó Tuama, as inspiration. I’ll embed that video, but here is a link to the text of the original poem: How To Belong Be Alone | The On Being Project


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Never …. by Michelle Navajas



how many times have you forgotten that you ain’t the story of your past
that you ain’t just a mere reflection of what happened. of a narrative once told
you ain’t that.

i know it feels like dying every day knowing that somewhere out there
a story has to be told a reality you’ve long avoided
but the world doesn’t end even when your story
doesn’t end the way you want it
it won’t end.

how many times have you convinced yourself
to just smile amidst the pain
to just breathe when it’s suffocating
to walk away gracefully from things and people
that don’t contribute to your
well being
don’t give up.

i know you are wiser than your inhibitions
you are better than your problems
you are stronger when in doubt
you are resilient when tested by fate
you are tougher when confronted by fear

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Being Alone

Being Alone ….by Jim Adams

A Unique Title For Me

Some people get lonely when they are alone and others need some time for themselves.  The Covid-19 crisis made a lot of people feel like they were alone, because of the social distancing guidelines.  Being alone is not necessarily a bad thing, unless you are shipwrecked and stuck all by yourself with out any access to the internet.  Loneliness is a perceived emotion and it is felt differently by everyone.  If you are all alone, you should try to embrace the solitude, instead of becoming depressed and filled with anxiety.  Getting in touch with your inner self is much easier to do when you are alone, because you don’t have any distractions.  Most people don’t really know their true selves, and this is a great time for you to reflect on how your life is going and also do things that make you feel good.  Your thoughts and feelings are…

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Reena’s Xploration Challenge #231

Welcome back! We are in the midst of a heat wave, and a parched earth awaits the relief of showers from the sky. But is life always about waiting for something else to happen? Do we stop to converse with ourselves? PROMPT #231 I ask you for two minutes of your valuable time. Listen to … Continue reading Reena’s Xploration Challenge #231

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #230

Indira’s take on RXC#230

Sharing Thoughts

Prompt #230

Treat the two images as two stages, and write about what happened in between. You can change the order as you wish, or even add more stages in between.

missing our heated discussions




cups of tea or coffee

hot snacks


meeting was over

warm handshakes


promises of meeting again


everything is virtual


more success


replace the



one to one


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Chaos designed

it may take a lifetime to talk, to mastermind being on the same page yet find chapters intertwined settings change backdrops not inclined to the right degree -Stories fall behind monochrome is idyllic but expression confined Such are intricacies in design of the human mind It all depends on situations It takes you through the … Continue reading Chaos designed


I refuse to switch off notifications, despite all the lessons on building focus and concentration and effective time management that you keep showering on me. I’ll still manage to complete my book, because I find something to inspire and give my thoughts a new angle.  I’d never have been your father, if I hadn’t strayed … Continue reading Detours

Q ……………………. & ……………. A

Questions and answers….by Artie & Stu

Artie & Stu

He has more questions than I have answers; as the serpent spins chasing eating its tail. Chasing accomplishments, success, dragons, phantoms, windmills; what’s your deal, what’s the deal. Interdependent upon each other; there are no actors without a stage really, when all the world is. Come on in, from the cold; my answers need all your questions.

All is well at RXC’s!

Outside Looking In Looking Outside

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None prettier than her

Touch them lovingly, be as gentle as you can Each figurine comes from my favorite woman She is a magician, an artist at heart She pulls joy from a hat, no sleeves to conceal Each figurine comes from my favorite woman She's a miracle, magicians embarrassed She pulls joy from a hat, no sleeves to … Continue reading None prettier than her

Keep going

Rise up to the challenge, give me a hand shake up inertia, hit the ground and run sweet dreams at dawn, sweeter than honey dew is still fresh, but you follow the sun burn midnight oil to learn, seek your North Star fish for the treasure lying in bottom of oceans Stay committed, come hell … Continue reading Keep going