SPUNK is more than 5 words

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Style Professional Unique Nvironment-appropriate Konnect -builder Your?SPUNK?will show through the balance that you create with the 5 elements mentioned above. Work-from-home has only taken away focus from the bottoms, shoes and bags, not your entire outfit. And please don appropriate bottom wear. You just may have to get up in between…

Unfound friend

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Taina Bernard on Pexels The pale longing on her visage belies, A thousand expressions hidden inside corridors of her self, An ocean of words flutter incessantly waiting to be shared, Rumbling and grumbling, churning inside, How does striking a conversation come easy to some people? There may be known…


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I thought she was real, but she turned out to be a mannequin made out of fiberglass, actually durable high-impact molded plastic which makes her lightweight, and virtually unbreakable.  She comes fully dressed wearing top of the line makeup on her realistic face and this adult female…


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sadness grips my mind life’s gift of love evasive grieving heart flutters Reena’s Xploration Challenge?#183 prompt image Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – April 29, 2021 – Flutter -Eugi featured image source – lovethispic.com