A muse or inspiration can trigger a piece of art, but what triggers creativity? Am I born with it, or acquired it somewhere along the way, when I had to solve problems, look deeper to find a resolution and in the process, I acquired deeper insights? Is it all rooted somewhere in my genes, structure … More Creative


Blogging is an addiction. Clicking on the Publish button gives an instant high. We celebrate our independence – freedom from being at a publisher’s mercy. Blogging is a habit. I write during breaks from work, in very un-poetic environs and hide the screen in place teeming with people. I worry about not giving out my … More Blogging

Becoming poetry

wolves that feed my inner world cause me to rebel -take a stance fight or fly win or lose laugh or cry reminisce churn regurgigate -become  poetry   I beat it till it speaks an acceptable language -squash it in moulds to create formats -looks different from my inner suffering -gives me a mask to … More Becoming poetry

Please vote

Hello, I feel very happy to announce that I have been nominated by StoryMirror for Author of the Year Awards – 2018. Now I need your support to win the title.  Please visit this link :   Go to my name -Reena Saxena (Names have been arranged alphabetically) and click on vote button.    You … More Please vote

Writer’s Musings

What do you do when a writing prompt just does not speak to you? Research the topic Wait for a day, and see what others have come up with Reblog and share the prompt, and let others enjoy the same Feel obliged to participate, and come up with something Flex your imagination and writing muscles … More Writer’s Musings

JSW Prompt 8-6-2018

  “In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer” – wrote Albert Camus, a timeless seer of truth. My take on it is that he was talking about creativity. It lies inside all of us, unused and unrecognized at times. It surprises us by its sudden appearance … More JSW Prompt 8-6-2018


I hear that energy is indestructible. It changes forms, but remains somewhere in the universe. Some people claim to hear the sounds from history. I wonder what the Hiroshima victims would have said, and is there someone around with the sensitivity to get the message? Did they say something about the immense pain of being … More Firestorms