How safe are workplaces for women? — SacredCircleforWomen

A recent court judgement gave a clean chit to a celebrity accused in a rape case. The grounds used to justify the clean chit are disturbing, to say the least. Indians may recall Tarun Tejpal as the sensational journalist who made a place for himself and his company Tehelka, with his sting operations in 2000. […]How … Continue reading How safe are workplaces for women? — SacredCircleforWomen


Fiery Females – a new international initiative

Fiery Females Logo Happy to announce a new international initiative - Fiery Females We are the Fab Five Ladies are invited to follow the blog Find us on social media

She is a woman…

Is it a culture Is it a flower Is it an emotion? She is a woman She is a whole new tradition…   Is it a caged bird? Are the words really what you heard? She is a woman She is a whole new commotion…   Do you see her fly across the blue sky? … Continue reading She is a woman…

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #125

Welcome to Women's Week! Do the rest of the weeks in a year do not belong to women? 🙂 They sure do, but I choose women and womanhood as the theme for this week's prompt. PROMPT #125 Reena's Exploration Challenge #125 The image and quotes are indicative, not restrictive. You have full freedom to write … Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #125

What happened to Shupnakha

This is about three women from the epic Ramayan - Sita who has to walk through fire to prove her purity. Yet, she is banished to the forest a few years later with her sons, for an aspersion cast on her character by a washerman. Valmiki's Ramayan is written during her anonymous stay in the … Continue reading What happened to Shupnakha


For those not familiar with the story Draupadi was a princess married to five brothers (the personality of each symbolized a certain value), because their mother uttered the words “Share whatever you’ve got today.” She was humiliated in court with a stripping attempt, and where her husbands did not come to her rescue. The incident … Continue reading Draupadi

Fandango’s Provocative Question

THE QUESTION “When you learn about highly regarded artists being accused of inappropriate sexual behavior, especially with minors, can you separate the artists from their art, or would you refuse to listen to, watch, or read the artists’ works?” THE ANSWER While tracing an absconding loan defaulter, we often assume that he must have defaulted … Continue reading Fandango’s Provocative Question

Volcanoes that burst

repressed ‘better half’ of the human race breaks free of the irony finds a voice fights back unafraid of calling out who objectified her pricking the bubbles of the power-intoxicated bringing them down to earth with an unexpected thud.   It was not an earthquake that kills people but … the lava will burn uncontrolled … Continue reading Volcanoes that burst


Just take the first step chains you see are dark smoke.   embers died ages ago while you slept feet heavy with inertia eyes blinded by illusion -you are cared for.   revolution and rotation around its own axis are simultaneous. What kept you tied down while the earth moved?   touch the boundaries where … Continue reading Shackles