MM Music Challenge

MM Music Challenge on MLMM I give here the translation of a Hindi song by Sahir Ludhianvi sung by Mukesh, from the film "Dil ho to hai". It disturbed me with its obsessive possessiveness from younger days. You don't love me, that's no problem If you love someone else, there’ll be a problem We are … Continue reading MM Music Challenge



Indira has posted a thought-provoking Hindi poem in response to Reena's Exploration Challenge #77 The link to the original piece is here - Translated piece from Hindi to English A woman speaks O man! I am here where I’m supposed to be neither ahead nor behind but besides you   I never nursed … Continue reading Facilitation


This is inspired by a Hindi poem, written by Amit Agrawal (hecblogger) here, for Reena's Exploration Challenge #70   perspectives draw me into a convoluted logic I see you in mirrors, not prisms in a lab   your crowning glory clouds my existence but I see you glow in fading sunlight   brilliance of your countenance blinds … Continue reading Submerged

Edict in Stone

traditions of truth carried on shoulders - of messengers with words We, the successors of Kabir unflinched by terror, Babar or Akbar. lamps of worship not extinguished - by conspiratorial talent. our voice not traded for Houses of Power at mercy of grants. What did you gain by turning what we stood against into armour … Continue reading Edict in Stone

Silent Eloquence

the story of life embedded in glances who other than you can decipher nuances? in your language, I did dream over the years piercing pain, shattered bits cannot stop flowing tears we try to reach a pact in the first night away from you half-open peeps can’t count ensuing aeons of blues silence is their … Continue reading Silent Eloquence

In Denial (Translated from Hindi)

I spoke, but you did not listen Why this silent altercation? I’m not guilty of offending you Why the fazed agitation? You did not plant flying dreams in me Why this jittery murmuration? I’d rather not mention my aspirations lest it sparks - a conflagration? You never really belonged to me why do I fear … Continue reading In Denial (Translated from Hindi)

Latent fire

Purification by fire is my personal alchemy- latent heat inside me   Rising after a fall in the eyes that matter- a few who look up to me   Fighting my self- but not the world a few unwashed stains block me   Not conceding defeat I’m neither helpless nor weak a few destinations-still beckon … Continue reading Latent fire