Summer ‘shades’ for the eyes

  The Ides of March will shortly be on us, and bring in the assassination of winter, not Julius Caesar. The skin enjoys the spring warmth, but the eyes start squinting in the sun. Yes, they need protection from the sunrays. Some celebrities insist on donning shades in the night. Many of them have gone … Continue reading Summer ‘shades’ for the eyes


Pantone Fashion Color Report – Fall 2016

We need not wait till the Fall to follow this. The colors and contents are so beautiful. Find the shade somewhere in your wardrobe. Find a new way of wearing it. Keep an eye for it, when you are out shopping. Let the colors blend with your makeup and accessories. You are ready to be … Continue reading Pantone Fashion Color Report – Fall 2016

9 Easy Tips to Look Hot in a receding winter

  The mercury is gradually shooting up, and the Sun God is visible for a longer time. However, the chill continues in the morning and evening. We feel lighter and fresher, but it is not yet time to pack away the woollens. One needs to plan outfits with care, to survive the fluctuating temperature with … Continue reading 9 Easy Tips to Look Hot in a receding winter

Winter Blues

OF CRACKS AND CONTRADICTIONS The mercury has dropped, and so have the moisture levels in the skin. Beautiful faces with dry patches on the cheeks, Dracula-like lines drooping from the corner of the lips, grey shadows on bright faces all convey a contradictory image. Beauty not lovingly tended to, meticulousness not extending to personal care … Continue reading Winter Blues

What is Image Management ?

  Google the words “Image Management” or “Image Consultancy”, and all you see are the pages and websites of those in the business. There is very little content devoted to the subject by the rest of the world. “Personal branding”  and “Styling” command a lot more online space, and mindshare. What exactly is Image Management … Continue reading What is Image Management ?

Stylish, Trendy and Color-Savvy

  Does the Pantone Color Forecast for 2016 help or confuse you in planning your wardrobe for 2016? Spring 2016 Pantone Colors for the Year 2016 Volumes will be written on the significance and psychology of color, and how will these colors help in expressing yourself, or building your mood for the day. What you … Continue reading Stylish, Trendy and Color-Savvy

7 phases of ReInvention

I was helping a client with restructuring her wardrobe. The process had an uncanny resemblance to removing cobwebs in the mind, cleaning, reorganizing  and polishing it to take up new challenges. Maybe, the mental process and the exercises are symbiotic, and hence, it leads to a sense of well-being. Clutter in the house or wardrobe … Continue reading 7 phases of ReInvention

14 tips to camouflage an extra-thin body

You are envied by your friends, because you are thin or slim, but you feel clothes hang on you, rather than frame your body. You wish you had some feminine curves to flaunt. You can look fabulous, without adding a kilo. Style tips to create visual illusions Wear bright colors in at least one garment, … Continue reading 14 tips to camouflage an extra-thin body