She threatened to expose his financial crimes and other misdeeds. He flew down to arrive at a compromise. As luck would have it, he found her dead with an overdose of drugs. The body was carefully placed in a bathtub, and then, water run over it. The police registered a case of accidental drowning in … More Bathtubs


She woke up one fine morning, and the nagging pain had disappeared. It was a tremendous relief. It looked like the new medicine was indeed effective. The week ahead was busy. The physiotherapist called for an appointment, but she terminated the arrangement. The waist belts, hot water bottles, therapy magnets, herbal oils all had to … More Pain

Frog in the well

It had taken tremendous effort to reach here. The kids were talking about some experiment, and formulating a strategy to catch him. He jumped back, fearing loss of freedom and life. Another voice echoed in the depth, “Frogs in the well… they have no interest in the world outside…” (279 characters)   Twittering Tale #75

Coping Up

It was the thirteenth and final day of the last rites of the old lady. THE PARTNER Her nonagenarian partner kept staring at the designer ceiling of the room, and broke down occasionally. He cried without tears, which appeared to be his stubbornness or demand for attention at times, but one could also sense helplessness. … More Coping Up