Romila, the youngest queen was married to the ruler of Sharara, a small kingdom on the banks of Gomti river. She was seventeen, bubbly, fun-loving with stars in her eyes. Her husband was twenty years older than her, totally involved in being a ruler, and the two could not relate to each other at a … Continue reading Romila


Coping Up

It was the thirteenth and final day of the last rites of the old lady. THE PARTNER Her nonagenarian partner kept staring at the designer ceiling of the room, and broke down occasionally. He cried without tears, which appeared to be his stubbornness or demand for attention at times, but one could also sense helplessness. … Continue reading Coping Up

Thane Creek Bridge

Neha Kulkarni was a regular commuter in the ladies’ compartment, on the 9.17 pm Ambarnath local  from Dadar to Kalyan. She worked in the afternoon shift, which ended late evening. The slow train would stop at every station, and unsavory elements entered the train at some notorious places. The late evening ride made her nervous, … Continue reading Thane Creek Bridge

The Man who knew no Love

“Can I really do this?”, muttered Prem to himself. That was an arduous task, and the time from evening to the next morning, stretched in front of him. He walked home with stooped shoulders and a tired gait. His wife was quick to comfort him with a steaming cup of coffee, with traditional South Indian … Continue reading The Man who knew no Love

The Young Widow

The grieving mother had just returned from her teenage son’s funeral. Death had prematurely claimed both father and son, and left her alone to face life. Tears rolled down her cheeks, as she recalled all the testing times she had been through. Her marital bliss was cut short by an accident, and the young widow … Continue reading The Young Widow