Light struggles to disengage  from  absorbent surfaces which swallow luminosity, emit blackness Light gets lost in solar magnificence merges with strength enhances intensity -yet remains invisible Light  reaches its target celebrates life-worth, illuminates spaces  which ask for help existence becomes  worthwhile for both giver and receiver, revelling in  satisfaction

Let the stories perish

so many stories reverberate, images shift, giving different perspectives I struggle to find the right frame for each- and then, the final one coffins are limiting -maybe a book -maybe a culture -maybe an institution but trends are so short-lived… human memories are subjective -they change form with situations and experience I will let the … More Let the stories perish


there is a secret vault in there somewhere which holds the key to joy and sorrow… or Illusions with those names which hides the singularity where all emotions become null and void equanimity reigns it can counteract forces of Pandora’s Box It can cleanse in a stroke It can restore the purpose -before truth gets … More Counter-force

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #158

Welcome back! PROMPT #158 The word that caught my imagination while surfing the net was  SINGULARITY Here is a video to inspire you Here is the complete poem by Marie Howe after Stephen Hawking SINGULARITYby Marie Howe           (after Stephen Hawking) Do you sometimes want to wake up to the singularitywe once were? so compact nobodyneeded … More Reena’s Exploration Challenge #158