Nowhere near

we pride ourselves on intellect, gross domestic product, nuclear power, global recognition   yet we fear being overtaken -build our defences in trade barriers, arms and ammunition     flushing out toxicity and causes thereof is the biggest challenge we face - but are  nowhere near a solution


everything close to hearts does not remain close as doors close to paths we see as ours   ambitions change with directionless winds we carve new paths to reach new destinations   Torturers, be not proud you just egg us on to find more of everything


people on a sacrosanct mission following propagating the leader’s rules quashing disagreement   getting into malleable frames easy to manipulate easy to be directed on preordained paths not knowing whose interest it serves but fired up… nevertheless   magic of Opium never ceases to surprise me


light of dreams glowed so bright blinded me to worlds around -darkness reigned in castles behind   I fail to see controlling hands slowly encircle fragility -trust their strength as cherished support   I feel grips tightening suffocating -I struggle for expression of a suppressed individuality

Victim’s Voice

a crushed spirit wriggles from under the woodwork raises a venomous hood -fire flashing in eyes -images of humiliation frozen for eternity -tongue lashing out to sense presence of enemies -just a prick poison will spread through layers of accumulated evil dying slow deaths

Guarding souls

guarding library of souls prone as they are to awake, expand fly in air   it takes a machine’s soulless agility to trap, threat impair mobility   precision of response non-negotiable soulful uncertainty can turn tables   alert searchlights guard darkness investigating rays pale in its brightness

Blank Canvas

creativity falling through cracks of everyday-ness morphs into sensitivity a guilt that keeps gnawing at your insides demanding release whipping your conscience for incarceration asking laws be rewritten rules redefined till justice is done soul of a blank canvas or white page is inked