songs of yore of budding talent blossoming desires in gardens of hope -caretakers gently  took  us forward encounters  on paths revealed a lot more grows in gardens other than talent roots ignored transplantations with blessings of power a favoured few enjoy shade and fruit

Rose Garden

“The Rose Garden is being redesigned,” said she, walking amidst brambles on the zig-zag path I saw potential which could have bloomed if not partnered with obnoxiousness -an identity that could have shaped better without the golden umbrella which encased her hungry spirit

Show or tell?

  “The new entrant is of a different color, Letz welcome her for the diversity she brings…” “Thank you, duckies ….. stay still and absorb the spirit I infuse into the water. It will show you what the world outside looks like.” “Don’t show us dreams which cannot be fulfilled. Can you take us out …

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Tabla beats

tiny fingers drumming tables grew up tak-dhina-dhin  goes the bea for eager dancers to move their feet hymn-singers find him to invoke incantation meditators grateful good concentration He rules the podium  with fiery speeches  provoking crowds The drummer has come  a long way indeed… Note: Tabla is the Indian version of drums, played with …

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shrivelled up crouched in Kindles floating in new forms pages not aligned yet the flow is fine…   crystallized experience garnished with imagination sketches and metaphors concealed identities peeking through from characters   books will never cease to fascinate to alleviate to mitigate pain seemingly intolerable.. Came across this pic of a public …

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holding fragile truth in cracks of my hands fearing dissipation of cherished fragrances shedding of petals which adorn life   petals which perish but blossom again in new colors, shapes define sensibilities give new dimensions to senses in a post-truth era and fix all fixers


It seems silly to rolling on grass taste winds inhale skies get lost in the universe out of traps I dwelt in   it feels good it’s liberating to stand close to touch another no rules ro intervene   Nirvana This is it This is it….