Reasons for Living – The Struggle RXC#256

The weekly prompt on RXC#256 this week is very simple - incorporate a word starting with Re. And Eugenia excelled with a poem where all the words start with Re. repurpose resources replenish respect revitalize resurgence Read more here And here Paula writes a story that many of us can relate to. I felt … Continue reading Reasons for Living – The Struggle RXC#256



todayan offshoot ofa long dead yesterdayor bearer of unknown future-moments count beatsreincarnatewith unique soul beautyof a processed experiencenow dead I planneddifferent songsunsung musical chordsconquered my voice - poetic milesaway I mappedunexplored routesunderground vibrationsblew my plans off to smithereens-earthquakes I liveunredeemed timebreathe unclaimed oxygeninfuse unheard stories to makefutures Sunday Confessionals - Today


Tell me, O PhoenixAre you the sameas older versionsAre you only oneunique work of artor a subversion? Do fire and ashremain neutralto retain your core?Do you rememberscars on the soulor tales of yore… your colorsIncredibly beautifulis the compositiona fractalor has it changedsoul of rendition? fractals are miraclesbut do those speeding,repeating patternsfeel aliveon straight pathswith no … Continue reading Reincarnations

I know who killed me

I know who killed mebut that’s not youfifty shades of greyor maybe morestopped you fromappreciatingdifferent hues I know who killed mebut that’s not youThe Lonely Ladywanted alignmentyou got swept awayignored my hungerfor all things new I know who killed mebut that’s not youThe Showgirlsflaunted wealthhated my guts and witshining through I know who killed mebut … Continue reading I know who killed me


watch yellowsturn flaming orangechallenge sun,pallid moonssupported by deep watersthen meet a mountain rigid rockscompel a retreatteach lessonssurvivalneeds good navigation skillsnot raw bravado Written for Photo Challenge #439 at MLMM

In between

crackling logs rekindle thoughtsdying branches, twigsgasping for last breaths beforetumbling into ash-fireplaces bring no comfort a soul cries aloud in shockas it recalls deathin a previous lifetimeit takes time and love-to rejoice in a new form formation to destructioncycles of naturewhat's sandwiched between layersis the core of life-cackling two faced energy Written for … Continue reading In between


beware of friendly conversationswhich quickly change direction-manipulation-don't mentionshock unconcealed venomous expressionwords that cause deep abrasion-manipulation-don't mentionblocks sharp shooting targeted invasionsattacking reputations-manipulation-don't mentionrocks Lucky Dip at MLMM The poetry form used is triquint


Why focus on wealth or beauty?It can be crass or superficialThoughts, manners make youwhat you are, what you’ll be It’s all in the total personalitythe only thing that’s beneficialensure that it’s deeply ingrainedThen where am I without memory? How could you miss the criticalityof something that can’t be artificialI am what I am - as … Continue reading Memory


You fear explosions; they threaten to blow up long-held structures.I analyze implosions; question, learn a lot from small ruptures The external captivates you; it’s just an extension of your visionIt’s your mission, your view; adopted and adapted position You want to conquer rage of the ocean, worship navarchyYou stem energy dissipation; I celebrate anarchy Six … Continue reading Contraventions