adore freshness, understand transitorinessanything that's fresh has a short spanfrozen smiles in sub-zero climesas good as Egyptian mummies anything that's fresh has a short spantheir value shifts on a long rideas good as Egyptian mummiessalute them for joys they spread their value shifts on a long rideknow where they started, how you metsalute them for … Continue reading Freshness


The form used is EP Johnson Quintet The form is stanzaic, consisting of two or more quintets. It is of Canadian origin. The rhyme scheme is abbba accca…etc.  (Indicating that the ending words of L1 and L5 are repeated in each stanza.) It is syllabic: 8/9/9/9/8 Can this ever be home for me? I look at teal and … Continue reading Incompatible


rolling stones gather no moss smoothness facilitates motion adaptability to different terrains nominates them for victory static rocks acquire character -are worshiped for history they support -till they forget worlds beyond their compressed energy suffocates - unaware that release is possible they can live again…

12 Steps to Self-Actualization

your dreams will confuse much more than ever let analysis give deep perception develop insights, don't just be clever understand intent, ditch self-deception get a state of flow, stay there forever pursue excellence without exception let empathy rule all your endeavors redefine goals till they are etched in stone vision, mission, values- know your levers … Continue reading 12 Steps to Self-Actualization

Silver Touch

moon walks through the sky in ethereal white sprinkles silver dust on dreams mystifying the night breathe in the magic of dawn to survive in harsh daylight Catch sublime moments untouched by gloom, all bright frame those in action don't let it out of sight breathe in the magic of dawn to survive in harsh … Continue reading Silver Touch


ephemeral shadows briefly connect to influence, then disappear In vastness of the planet mortal beings go their own way not knowing what touched them -become fractals, not fractions we wonder how populations across the world take the same directions It’s not just the media -small energies intersect, overlap influence, transform to create new patterns Individuality … Continue reading Significant


What kind of bonding runs the deepest? -battles fought together from the same side when dawn is faraway, nights the darkest finding your way out of a dense forest staring at a common enemy - mortified What kind of bonding runs the deepest? It’s superfluous to be modest or smartest only the one with a … Continue reading Companionship

Humans are human, for ….

it takes you where you want to go, on invisible wingsyou are in the driver's seat, yet the bell never ringsmoments captured, embedded in code concealedbecome DNA for stories you tell, songs you sing you are in the driver's seat, yet the bell never ringsyou thought it's over, but it pulls you aheadbecome DNA for … Continue reading Humans are human, for ….

Good Morning

a new morning brings a new chapter to be authored reflections of sun rays on dewdrops show myriad possibilities pick colors of choice rearrange them in kaleidoscopic patterns rainbows feel so outdated restricted…. the sky steps down in blue droplets to know the secrets