This is inspired by a Hindi poem, written by Amit Agrawal (hecblogger) here, for Reena's Exploration Challenge #70   perspectives draw me into a convoluted logic I see you in mirrors, not prisms in a lab   your crowning glory clouds my existence but I see you glow in fading sunlight   brilliance of your countenance blinds … Continue reading Submerged


Silent explosions

minutiae of your presence in my space grow every minute threatening to explode I can’t take it any more…. the new moon will grow in size but tonight it marks the prelude of a separation in its pregnant darkness   Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #70

Writing takes me to nooks and corners I’ve never been before, and yet, I am unable to escape myself. The characters I paint are as I see them. I wonder if I will be forgiven to change their reality to suit me perspective. Cutting it short, here’s the prompt for this week. FOR THE NEW … Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #70

Never told, never lived

framed thoughts in doorways apparent signals to move hold me back, then walk ahead of perceived pathways my shape silhouetted against pale reflections of the buzz inside my head smashing boundaries of self to reshape, redefine fading outlines to rewrite untold stories from the vaults of history never read, never lived....   Thursday Photo Prompt

I had no clue

I did not know why you hurt, and threw tantrums - beyond my level-headedness I did not know what made you cry Tears never having dented my wellness All the while, I had no clue I happen to be stronger than you I like to live free– unhindered impulsive whims never subdued it was beyond … Continue reading I had no clue