Moving on

This day was summer when the sun shone, and biting winter when clouds overtook the sky, a tumultuous mix of seasons in the span of an afternoon. I enjoyed my morning walk today, as the Sun greeted me. I wonder if the Moon is on a monthly break today, or is unable to see me. There … More Moving on


I see celebration overtaking darkness grief has no place – a soul attains freedom


cotton candy words dissolving in her blood stream his hardening smile hit alarm buttons – as she integrated the venom

Recurring deposits

I’m seen as strong but being blamed emotionally abused for being myself breaks me silently   I am wilful I am defiant it has been induced by the battles I fought to just be myself   Incompatibility is not criminal you are to be blamed as much as I for being different   Forgiveness happens … More Recurring deposits

Traveller’s musings

soul wonders how did I reach here conscious alive with a cape and torch? Death – not as dark as it seems Fear created -indoctrination to prevent ignorance assuming power. I like the transition   Someone waits mysteries galore beautiful awaited I know I’ll reach there formless, exposed- but who cares?

Extended Marvel

I carry forward Eugenia’s cinquains. Eugenia says naturethe wildernessshe secures and pardonswhat’s more, the earth’s dispositionmarvel§ the earthterra firmashe provides and shelterswhat’s more, a place to live and thrivemarvel My extension human minds pride themselves on conquering the unconquerable – Maker’s Marvel!   backlash happens, but late generations disappear before they see results of deeds Marvel?

Sip slowly

sip love slowly lest it smothers you with possessiveness or sheer audacity of possession   sip life slowly to not be overwhelmed with daily vicissitudes taking in small measure both joy and sorrow   glasses are snatched cruelly, at times but it was poison I escaped