Moving on

This day was summer when the sun shone, and biting winter when clouds overtook the sky, a tumultuous mix of seasons in the span of an afternoon. I enjoyed my morning walk today, as the Sun greeted me. I wonder if the Moon is on a monthly break today, or is unable to see me. There … Continue reading Moving on


Why Wing It?

A wing fell off, right in middle of the act, and little Linda forgot her lines. She could get up and walk. She could recognize her classmates and teachers in the audience, who were not there, a while ago. What happened to all those elves and sister fairies, who were guiding her to reach out … Continue reading Why Wing It?

Time warp

The baby wrapped in a soft cloth falls with a thud on the floor. I expect the room to reverberate with loud cries, but there is a surprising silence. Is she fine? I hear a rustle of leaves and the inauspicious cawing of an invisible crow. An owl hoots in the distance. The window appeared … Continue reading Time warp


There is something scary about rebuilding – the fact that a previous edifice or structure has been destroyed. It means loss of labor, wealth, investments, resources and assumptions. What causes pain is our erroneous assumption about its indestructibility. I see the change about assumptions in business. Accounting principles in the past were built on the … Continue reading Rebuilding