“Well, I think it’s funny. It cannot be sheer coincidence that ……” His sentence was abruptly cut short by his half-brother, Billy…. “You never made an effort to decipher synchronicity. Universal energy flows in certain directions, and it can create magic.” “Magic, indeed! He did not kick the stool, but managed to kill himself.” “Read … Continue reading Who?


Self Control

It feels like an eerie shot from a paranormal movie. I stand back, and watch myself. I see myself working in the much-desired state of Flow. The theme occurred to me in a split second, and then, a force took over. I do not know what is driving me, but I keep clicking the mouse, … Continue reading Self Control

The Strange Portrait

Half of Anna’s face disappeared from her portrait, when her grand-daughter Elsie was born. She is happy to be reborn amongst the people she loved. The little one spews wisdom as she learns to speak. It is almost as if there is a mission to be completed, and she knows the path to be followed. … Continue reading The Strange Portrait

The business of living

Maintenance is a business which never goes bust. The least that people need to do is continue living. Housekeeping services, credit cards, working capital finance for business, social media management training, brand management, coaching, spiritual orientation initiatives and so many others help us to continue walking. Any reference to the starting point is investigative, to … Continue reading The business of living

Gen Z

It is as tricky as a fairy tale can get. The knight in shining armor whom the fair maiden looks for, is hiding in a gift-wrapped parcel somewhere. But she will get him, only if she unwraps the right one in the first attempt. Are the other ones empty, or is there a surprise hidden … Continue reading Gen Z