If you don’t do politics ….

The diplomat with an unblemished record retires today, and the auditorium reverberates with eulogies and high praise. Some people conjecture he will soon enter politics. “But what do you think he has been doing so far? It ain’t easy keeping so many stakeholders happy”, whispers a detractor, “If you don’t do politics, politics will do … Continue reading If you don’t do politics ….


Spring reigns forever

“Manifestation felt like a big joke, till I started painting wishes on walls. Each brick shares a dream and conspires with the universe to make it true.” A cryptic message from Linda accompanies the picture. “What’s your dream?” “Living in the garden of hope, where spring reigns forever. Flowers never wilt, leaves never fall.” “Who … Continue reading Spring reigns forever


“Is the law of diminishing utility applicable to relationships?” The opening sentence of Neerja’s email makes me shut down devices, and vanish into oblivion. Yes, the oblivion is how we describe the offline world. It’s not disinterest, just I know what to expect. Many things gradually lose sheen in life, including relationships. I wanted to … Continue reading Darkness

Back and Forth

“I forgive you, Mom, now I know why you laid down so many rules”, Maria wailed to the chagrin of others. “I guess we should focus on navigation”, the Captain’s tone is sombre. “Yes, but now you know the consequences of straying too far,” Maria is insistent. “We are close to discovering a new island, … Continue reading Back and Forth

Rainbow in a cave

My pup refuses to jump from the bed, and enjoys the scenario perched on his high spot. His sibling is busy exploring dark corners to find a treasure (or so she thinks) she can flaunt to beat him at the game. Golden ambitions make some people focus on preservation, more than exploration. The colour of … Continue reading Rainbow in a cave


Jack couldn’t remember a time when the wind’s icy breath had bitten into his skin with such ferocity and spite. He found himself on a mountain top, and down there, people probably assumed he is dead. Or maybe he is being presumptuous…. It was time to assess the impact he made during his lifetime. Does … Continue reading Nirvana


“Someone has recorded the trail of events in this diary, and available evidence supports it partially. It means there’s someone who is not only aware but involved in the happenings.” “Could it be the criminal or key witness?” Paul’s tone is both insouciant and challenging. “I wouldn’t risk second-guessing that, till all evidence is on … Continue reading Chronology

Where I grew up

A deathly silence makes me wonder where the inmates are, till shadows start creeping out soundlessly. I’ve met you before – my beliefs, acts, regrets and desires. I believed you are part of me, but today I face you like former teammates. Why did you drive me to do certain things, and why did I … Continue reading Where I grew up

Fragility and Tenacity

Happy and Aria fight like cats and dogs. The bone of contention can well be a bone – wooden or a treat, or it can be a squeaky toy. Do I need to say they are both tiny furballs with cute tails and dark eyes? Happy is down with a stomach infection, and Aria refuses … Continue reading Fragility and Tenacity


“Isn’t that an unusual name, Genving? Is there a special meaning to it?” “I don’t think so”. Genving looked crestfallen. He was losing a chance to impress his girlfriend’s father, “Actually my parents are numerology and astrology buffs. My mother was adamant that the name has to start with G. None of the names matched … Continue reading Numerology