sensory pleasure multiplies in meadows wistful lone leaf flies


Silence finds ….

Here, I add my two lines to the Tan Renga started by Chevrefeuille. silence found the colorful sky at sunset – cicadas sing soon enveloped by darkness touching new meaning within


I celebrate the night not for its somnambulistic effect, but the thoughts and dreams it generates. The darkness in the external world, lights up a different world inside. I feel at peace, because there is no demand, urgency or distraction from external sources. The lava inside me also chooses to flare up when nobody is … Continue reading Solitude


A monster spews fire under water, and the world goes helter-skelter. It is a tsunami, they say, not knowing what exactly has caused the disturbance. Animals have played safe, owing to their superior sensory powers. It happens with emotions that spearhead movements – nobody knows where the cause lies. I see kind-hearted people falling prey, … Continue reading Mist