In Search

The tree looks similar to the one in my backyard, but is small and has leaves of a different color. I’ve not seen this species before. “Wait”, I stop in my tracks at the familiar rustling sound. “I broke away from my roots, and walked here in search of a new identity. The sunk roots … Continue reading In Search



“I wonder how the CEO failed…” “He failed to build bonds down the line, and appoint keepers to nurture growth.” “The organization chart shows a large number of regional and zonal heads, to manage the ground.” “They were busy protecting their position, and counting the number of steps to the top. They lived in fear … Continue reading Germination

Who called?

“Don’t ever call this number…” “Why?” “If the phone rings, the fridge door will open, releasing frozen spirits…” Trin, trin … “Who called?” “Bluetooth and ghost stories have merged in your head. Lay the table. Tom’s on the way home…” “I’m home, honey! Whom were you speaking to?”


“Why don't you see a dermatologist? That looks like a fungal growth.” “It will disappear. I'm writing a lot these days.” “How is it related to writing?” “These are stories that could not escape my lips. I'm fictionalizing characters, and banging them on the keyboard ...” “How about seeing a shrink, or the priest in … Continue reading Stories

Lessons from the past

“But why is the answer more books? The future is digital.” “These books tell the story of Vishwakarma, the guy who made the Pushpak Viman (an aircraft in ancient times). The art and science was lost, till the Wright Brothers invented a new version. Vishwakarma also made an attempt at creating a virtual world. Brahma … Continue reading Lessons from the past

It’s a complete world

Yes, it makes a difference.They are a part of me. The umbilical cord is long gone, but our hearts beat in unison. I know what excites them, and what I would like them to be excited about. I cannot feel a mother’s heart that jumps out on seeing her children. A father’s wisdom knows that … Continue reading It’s a complete world