“Individualism is a form of escapism, if you refuse to take responsibility for another’s life and expect them to manage their own.” “But are others not happy with their freedom?” “Maybe, they need help. Can we dissociate ourselves from a collective human responsibility?” “No. But you need to differentiate exchange from charity, and authoritarianism from … Continue reading Escapism



“The birds have been set free.” “Not all. This is a red light area, and there are many inside the cages inside the building. Call the police for a rescue operation.” I wonder why some faces in the room turned red. (211 characters)


“Is there a story surrounding this structure?” “Yes. A genie appears whenever thunder strikes the structure, and unleashes destruction on the world.” The sky changed color. I saw lightning, and stretched out my hands to wring the guide’s neck. I wondered what was getting inside me. Or rather WHO? I guess destiny finds a medium … Continue reading Genie


Yes. They are vociferous, loud, over the top. And why shouldn’t they? They are the most powerful in the land of underprivileged people. Self-righteous noises just prove that they cannot do anything wrong. Shrillness cuts through the chill, and I’m forced to concede that they are making herculean efforts. How can I not acknowledge their … Continue reading Herculean

Foggy paths

“Are you afraid?”, asked Clare. The touch of his quivering hand said that he was. “No, I’m not. I know you are there with me.” It was a long drive ahead, the paths were foggy and internet connectivity poor.  But together, they hoped they would make it to the destination. and