Bridging the gap

“I can take you to the doctor, if needed.” This was his first sentence spoken to her after three months. … More

Losing marbles

My efficient and disciplinarian mother often insulted my grandparents. “I tell you, Jim, these two have lost their marbles. What … More

Limited lifespan

Magic concocted in potloads Loved, appreciated and consumed The fine print below: Glory has a limited lifespan, and the magician … More


“I did not expect to see you in this state. You are the son of a famous businessman.” “I desperately … More

The Finale

A glance at the table told him what had happened in the night. The butler had been around for two … More

Ruins of existence

Anne Madagascar, the award-winning firefighter was being interviewed on a television Show, “Was the fire at Peace Tower your last … More

Addicted lives

Mary:                         I texted him six times, and received only one reply. Therapist:              … More

Dividers or Windows?

“I quit the job today.” “What made you stay there for so long?” “Well … I got carried away with … More


“You know small spaces he’s terrified of. Don’t you? Take him there.” thundered the narcissist psychopath mother, “that is what … More