It’s a landmark day in my life. I decide that others’ opinions on my existence do not matter. I see moving lips around me, voicing disapproval, but I go about doing my work with determinate ease. Those expressions are not very pleasant, but it is about them, not me. I don’t feel a need to …

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Way of life

I've not touched the guitar for some time, not wanting to disturb others at home. Online lessons were fun for sometime, but I would give anything to be with my friends again. No. I'm not suffering from depression. It's going to be a way of life in future.

Stubs of a soul

“For how long do you think my old stubby fingers can hold up the cause? World peace is not sustainable. Earlier, people fought for patches of land. Then, wars were fought on sea and air. Now control strategies have got into the lungs of people. It cannot be eliminated, as long as the downfall of …

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Most spoke of the low but omnipresent rumble of water, or its dulcet lap against a hull, but that was not how he missed the sea. There’s a huge difference between the view of a fisherman, and a tourist on the beach. Tourists have never had the privilege of befriending water, manipulating it, cutting through …

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Tale Weaver – #268 – Medical – 26th March

A message has been floating around on social media Wonder why the temples are closed Because Gods are all busy in hospitals I miss the only doctor in the family today. He passed away a year ago. If he had been alive and healthy, he would have been volunteering in a hospital today. Why did …

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