He has suffered the abusive language of the boss for fifteen years now. There were moments when he felt like … More


I like this chapter, The content is not on the internet. How did the fuddy duddy author of a paper … More


“A skeleton has been found inside the house. It is surprising that the neighbors did not smell trouble for a … More


“Mrs. Nayar, your son places his fingers on my mouth, and says he loves me. This is not acceptable behavior.” … More

Creative Genes

Mrs. Jones could not stop gushing, while I fixed coffee for her. “Such an artistically done house! And it is … More


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Conscious and Subconscious

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Fork in the Road

“A fork is an illusion. We get bogged down with 2 paths, ignoring other options.” “What makes you say so?” … More


The skeleton on the bench moved, and the bony extensions encircled my neck. “I killed you several years ago. You … More