The alphabet of her life has been reconstructed in the last ten years. She has a new pictorial book in hand, which says A=Acting, B=Bigtime C=Craft, D=Design, E=Excellence, F= …..   she dreads the F-word – failu… The PR people say only a scandal that rocks the film world can save her career. People are fast …

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Fifty years seem like an eternity. Her travails are sufficient material for three books – all from different perspectives, with different protagonists. Eternity may count like a nanosecond in some other parts. But truth feels like fiction, when it is so far away. Her grandchildren did not believe her when she told them she was …

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Writers’ haven

The signboard is fascinating – INSPIRATIONS “Why don’t you put up some notepads and a coffee bar?” “Why should anyone need that here?” “You’ve so many writing prompts.” The owner is rich now, and has published a book. She even rents out writing devices. Just a change in perspective… (279 characters)

Of warts and scars

The decoration looks like an outbreak of warts on smooth skin. Do I wish that on your magnificence? Do you really think things look good in clusters? The music is obscenely loud. The merriment conceals the melancholy notes of my song. Those hollow things put up there will never know the beauty or fragrance of …

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