The path was strewn with fossils of dead animals and maybe, humans who tried to reach the pinnacle. He felt … More


Ever since somebody told her she was rigid, she made an extra effort to be flexible. Working hours for her … More

Too many

I choose to beat a hasty retreat, before I get entangled in the twists and turns. It is all cool, … More

Sharp edges

She loved watching the sun dance on the table, as the rays filtered through the fine micro-angles in the crystal … More

Sudden flash

“I saw the glove dancing in the air, and hovering over heads of people.” “What people? There is not a … More

Myth of the ogre

“The greys appear disconnected from the greens…. almost like a superimposed picture.” “Excellent clue! The grass is trimmed. There is … More

Dear Humanity,

Dear Humanity, Unfortunately, I find that what sparks the light in me does that only to me. There are very … More

At the break of dawn…

“I have walked through it several times, at different hours of the day and night, but with very little success … More

Suffering a seminar

“Now, all of you will do this with me….” gesticulated the public speaker as he made circles in the air … More