Black Bag

The long drive has not prepared him for this. He is armed with a map, fired by ambition and powered by mercenaries of a secret mission. It is a modern-day treasure hunt, which had to be executed offline, with online aids. The coveted secrets now appear to be so in-his-face. It is the black bag … Continue reading Black Bag

Blazing pen

He has experienced gut-wrenching hunger in his early years. Later, he found that fighting hunger is easier than fighting evil which suppresses independent thought. He is a writer who dares to present things in a different manner, and superimposes his vision on existing or non-existent objects. The vision may contradict known logic. The fire in … Continue reading Blazing pen


The full moon peeped through partial clouds. It is her day, and the clouds are bent upon taking away the glory. A lovelorn poet looks at the sky, and writes about the beauty of his lover behind a veil. Whom will you designate as the central character of this piece – the lover, lover’s beauty … Continue reading Cloud


Mac and Alex chose notoriety to be better known. Nobody knew that those two arch rivals were secret friends, who strategized their public act well. They also managed to deflect attention when they worked in tandem a rival from outside. I am inclined to believe the teacher who said they were poised for success in … Continue reading Co-opetition

Due credit

You won’t be able to use all those fancy products, if they are not tested on me. I put my life and limb to out to help you. I’m an extension of your hand, when you navigate that space you can’t live without. I think you call it the internet. I don’t find it very … Continue reading Due credit


The game of power was on in full swing. The fly on the wall watched people change masks, indulge in multiple-speak, kill close confidantes and concoct new stories. It enjoyed the anonymity, and felt wise about knowing the ways of the world. It had decided not to cast its vote in the next election. Of … Continue reading Wall

Human mind

Amnesia is not a dreaded word. It has not been one for decades. One can find life again and reconnect. Somehow, this episode is different. I find myself in a world without Facebook and Instagram. There is no digital backup of life, and no tattoos on my body. The fire has damaged more than my … Continue reading Human mind

Fire in the snow

It’s an unusual sight – soldiers pouring in bottles of Old Monk rum down the throat of a frozen mule, to generate heat within. The mule is a comrade who stepped on thin ice, with a burden on his back, and was buried in snow. There is no way that a soldier lets go of … Continue reading Fire in the snow

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #76

I wonder how a week passes off in a jiffy, and it is time to interact with your deep thoughts once again. I did toy with the idea of creating a prompt library, and pulling out one each week. But then, it would take away a lot of spontaneity. It would not chart my mental … Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #76

I don’t like being alone

The face I meet inside is not as scary as the ones etched on the gate. She has pale, alabaster skin with a wide-eyed innocent look. I wonder aloud how she lives alone in that expansive space. I expect fear in her eyes, but surprisingly, she looks okay with it. Born to the manor, perhaps, … Continue reading I don’t like being alone