Online Lending – a ‘Dynamics’ chat with Niraj Verma

Online lending in India, has so far been limited to P2P lending. It is a platform, where the borrower and lender come together to meet mutual requirements, and the platform (unlike a bank), only charges a fee for the services. The ROI on loans is reported to be as high as 36% in some cases. … More Online Lending – a ‘Dynamics’ chat with Niraj Verma

Digital Banking – A ‘Dynamics’ Chat with Niraj Verma

Niraj Verma is a senior consultant in the banking technology space. He is a banker, ideator, trainer, an artist and a writer. He introduced himself in a rather interesting manner, which I share here – “You are of course right when you say my profile is all over the place and difficult to slot. I have … More Digital Banking – A ‘Dynamics’ Chat with Niraj Verma

The Fourth Dimension – SpaceTime

  Sara Jacobovici, Creative Arts Therapist, has always been a friend, guide and mentor. It was her blog on Synchronicity, (Link : that is the prelude to this discussion.  She answers my questions here, with her characteristic patience. And I felt myself running short of blog space. So, over to Sara without wasting further … More The Fourth Dimension – SpaceTime

Emerging Trends in Poetry – A Chat with DE Navarro

  The multi-dimensional Mr. DE Navarro is the Founder of NavWorks Press, and an author, poet, editor, publisher, speaker and life-coach. His LinkedIn profile shows he is also a Sr. Analyst, Tech Editor/Writer for a global company.  He owns a poetry group on LinkedIn called the “We Write Poetry Wordshop Forum”, where he mentors emerging … More Emerging Trends in Poetry – A Chat with DE Navarro

Cafe Gyaan – A Chat with Mukund Bhokarkar

We are in conversation with Mukund Bhokarkar, a Vadodara-based professional, who proposes to bring together the best minds in the consulting, coaching and training professions, through his initiative Café Gyaan. Reena Mukund, Thank you for your initiative in creating a forum for intellectuals. I have been thoroughly enjoying the discussions and bonhomie, for the past … More Cafe Gyaan – A Chat with Mukund Bhokarkar

The Power of the Goddess

The discussion started with a post in a women’s group, and ballooned into a meaningful dialogue, highlighting different perspectives. I felt compelled to share this on a wider platform, to invite further views. The participants in the discussion are from diverse backgrounds: Garima Srivastava, a lawyer in Delhi Prachika Saxena, Director-HR, Crowne Plaza, Ahmedabad. Mani … More The Power of the Goddess