Fire in the snow

It’s an unusual sight – soldiers pouring in bottles of Old Monk rum down the throat of a frozen mule, to generate heat within. The mule is a comrade who stepped on thin ice, with a burden on his back, and was buried in snow. There is no way that a soldier lets go of … Continue reading Fire in the snow


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #76

I wonder how a week passes off in a jiffy, and it is time to interact with your deep thoughts once again. I did toy with the idea of creating a prompt library, and pulling out one each week. But then, it would take away a lot of spontaneity. It would not chart my mental … Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #76

I don’t like being alone

The face I meet inside is not as scary as the ones etched on the gate. She has pale, alabaster skin with a wide-eyed innocent look. I wonder aloud how she lives alone in that expansive space. I expect fear in her eyes, but surprisingly, she looks okay with it. Born to the manor, perhaps, … Continue reading I don’t like being alone


The sky was clear now, after a rainy spell of many years …. that’s right – years, not days or months. She had wished to soak in encouragement, enthusiasm and admiration. But her near and dear ones had chosen to be dampeners instead. They feared her power, the expanse of her flight and they feared … Continue reading Alone

Why Wing It?

A wing fell off, right in middle of the act, and little Linda forgot her lines. She could get up and walk. She could recognize her classmates and teachers in the audience, who were not there, a while ago. What happened to all those elves and sister fairies, who were guiding her to reach out … Continue reading Why Wing It?


Oneness redefined in shadows of the infinite How small do we look under the blue umbrella? Will holding each other add a little more weight give us some presence in nature’s scheme of things?   And then the sky speaks- I am what I am not with the height or intangibility but – because I … Continue reading Expansiveness

Making it work

“I don’t like this place.” “It’s your new home, Hannah! You chose this.” “I chose a person, not the place and culture. I don’t change as an individual, because I like a particular person. I’m not compelled to adopt a different culture and lifestyle.” “Girls do it everywhere, when they marry in a different country, … Continue reading Making it work

Recurring deposits

I’m seen as strong but being blamed emotionally abused for being myself breaks me silently   I am wilful I am defiant it has been induced by the battles I fought to just be myself   Incompatibility is not criminal you are to be blamed as much as I for being different   Forgiveness happens … Continue reading Recurring deposits

Superimposed structures

  Those rare moments when my inner light flickers make me see darkness in a new light as real as all opposites   Hope will not be happy unless one has experienced hopelessness life will not hold the same zest without an unknown expiry date   Planning skills are built on a platform of chaos … Continue reading Superimposed structures