This Shady Thing Called Past – Part 2

Frank Solanki

Last time I think I told you
How I had locked up my past
I guess I didn’t think it through
For the solution didn’t last

It did a lot of antics
To come out of its cell
I resisted all its tricks
But it didn’t turn out very well

It stressed me more and more
To have it kicking my head
So I had to open the door
Before it drove me mad

Then I thought it was easy
To just let it out of my head
Why keep it in rent-free?
I could do better instead

So this time it was I
The one with the final kick
Waved a last goodbye
No more dirty trick

Now it is safe I’m sure
No more agony and dread
A perfect resolution
Tranquility in my head

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We are our strength

We are our strength ….. by Sadje

Keep it alive

My heart was broken beyond repair

The one responsible had no remorse

My child clinging to my dragging dupatta

Her eyes asking a thousand unanswered questions

In her eyes I find the pain that tears me apart

But in her tear filled eyes I find my courage too

I will rise to this challenge

I will rebuild my self that has been demolished

It took me years, effort that often broke me

But whenever I looked into her eyes, I found my courage

Now I stand tall and proud

I have crossed the barriers erected in my way

I now stand with pride

With my daughter by my side


Written for;RXC; PROMPT #229

The prompt line for this week is

“I have untapped abilities waiting to be discovered.”

( I submitted this poem for the anthology, The wounds I healed but it wasn’t accepted. I think it fits…

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I Could Never Be Her

I could never be her …… by Michelle Navajas


I Could Never Be Her

do you ever wish for one second you had not loved me?
‘cos i feel you do everytime i see regret in your words whenever you are disappointed
everytime i hear exhaustion in between your sighs when you are disheartened
and when the tides are against your will i hear loud screams in your silence.

do you ever see me as a shadow of the one you used to love?
‘cos i feel you do
whenever you look at me i know you want something else
something else that i am not nor i wish to be
i feel it in between your warm embrace
and your passionate kiss
i see it in between your broken smiles and empty gazes
i feel your longing, i feel it there’s no denying.

you’d probably be cursing me when you read this
oh! dear forgive me
geez i…

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Who Hurt More?

Who hurt more …. by Francis the Frenchie

Francis the Frenchie

The banshee-like scream reached every doorstep of Pedersen Avenue in a similar fashion as the most ghastly ghoul on Halloween night.

Oliver, a nine-month-old Frenchie, was off in the distance before his owner, Mike, was able to make much of a reaction. Mike called an assortment of commands in hopes of changing the dog’s course, to no avail. 

Tires screamed of a horrific scene Mike feared reaching.

Luckily, it wasn’t a tale of tragedy because all of Oliver’s broken bones and cuts would be, according to the vet, on the mend in no time.

The scars on Oliver’s shoulder and ribs were a reminder to Mike that he should have been sitting in this obedience class the week after he brought Oliver home.

Prompted from Six Sentence Story Word Prompt at:

Prompted from Francis the Frenchie’s Daily Phrase Challenge at:

Prompted from Ragtag Daily Prompt at:

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Untapped Ability

Untapped Ability …. by Diana Coombes

Writer Ravenclaw

Reena has set a prompt with these words –

“I have untapped abilities waiting to be discovered.”

I don’t know what my untapped abilities are to be honest.

I have always wanted to write, and even a a child I preferred to be writing or reading. Although, I always thought I would write novels, but since moving three years ago, I have expanded my network.

Joining a writing group, I met a group of like minded people. It was two of those writers, who wrote plays for our local entertainment centre. It was something I had never done – write plays, but I wanted to at least try.

My first monologue never did get shown because COVID hit, but I was proud of the result all the same. It was my first time writing in the view point of a man with PTSD. My next play, written during COVID, was…

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Unlocking My Potential

Unlocking my Potential… By Jim Adams

A Unique Title For Me

I have untapped abilities waiting to be discovered.  I have had dreams that my books would become Best Sellers, but since I have never published any of them, that probably won’t happen.  I have had other dreams where things that I would do would change the world forever, but I never followed through with any of them.  I invented the Obama Pajama and I figured that people might want to buy them.  I designed them with patriotic symbols and donkeys on them and they were very cute, and I told a lot of people about them, but everyone I told thought that I was a bit crazy.  If this became a hot item, I was going to follow it up with the Dalai Lama pajama.  I know that there is something special inside of me and I at one time thought that my blood was special and that it could…

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Reena’s Xploration Challenge #228- Assortment

Assortment ….by Indira

Sharing Thoughts

#228- Assortment


Among the assortment of




On the platter

I feel sad

For the singled out


Bitter Gourd


It is the best friend of your gut

This is the bitter truthabout

The bitter guard


Who cares for the bitter truth


The balance between

The good foodand the bad food

When it comes to


Your taste buds

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The most dangerous

The most dangerous ….by Punam


It does not feel good when made fun of
to take all the insults,
meted out by those in a better position, quietly

to never call out a bully
to know you are right and still not assert self
to never raise your voice against injustice
all these are really, really bad

It is not the worst thing to lose the race to top
It is also not the worst thing to have your heart broken

To be cheated of your hard-earned money is certainly not the worst
nor is being beaten blue and black by the upper caste people

To be leered at and groped is very bad
to be abused, sexually or otherwise can almost kill, still it is not the worst!

to be put behind the bars for having a mind
to have no one at your side
to bow to the tyranny of a tyrant

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