Civilization …. by Jim Adams

A Unique Title For Me

When man started establishing permanent settlements, they needed to develop way to dispose of human waste and originally, it was buried it in the ground.  Maybe the idea came from watching cats digging a hole and burying their waste.  Most early civilizations were established near rivers, which not only provided a source of fresh water for irrigation, but also a method for waste elimination.  The ironclad rule was to always dump downstream!  Cesspools were designed in areas that not connected to rivers and they would receive and hold sewage for human waste.  They were frequently placed under the floors of castles that were often made of wood.  A cesspool consisted of an underground hole lined with brick or stone and porous material.  Excrement sank to the bottom and liquids flowed out between the spaces in the brick lining.  The waste could not just be flushed away, so when the cesspool got full…

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Stepping into filth but keeping pristine

Let the striking image draw you in the depth of the poem.

My friend Sadje is again first this week 🙂

Keep it alive

Step carefully into this filth

Keep you clothes clean, pristine

Get involved but don’t immerse yourself

For making friends with slime, will result in

Sucking you into this cesspool of grime and slime

Everyone avoids situations which can muddy their reputations

Which can make their hands dirty and clothes splattered

But bystanders can not hope to fix the leaking gutters

One has to wrestle with the broken pipes after standing in the waste

Just don’t let the stench pervade your soul or spirit

Keep it at arms distance and away from your mind

The cesspool of humanity needs fixing up collectively


Written in response to;PROMPT #258Cesspool, hosted by Reena



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Bottled and un-boxed

Bottled and unboxed — by Aishwarya

Kitty's Verses

P.C :- RXC # 257

as if unboxing a present,
bottled feelings-
emerge in subtle time,
bubbling, seething, frothing-
effervescences on its fringes- irrationality,
as tepid sobriety fizzles out.

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Reena Saxena for hosting RXC# 257. The above picture is the prompt. Thank you Punam Sharma for hosting Poetics at dVerse. The theme is, “Let’s all drink to the goodness of words flowing, let’s all live up to our pub’s name, let’s spread some cheer!”. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

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The nature of Freedom #RXC

The nature of freedom …. By Jude Itakali

Disclaimer: The thoughts below are not meant to offend and are open to criticism and debate.

Sometimes I ponder freedom as a concept. I watch both its chosen and self-proclaimed disciples. Those that want it, those that need it, and those who have been better off without it.
What does the blood of conquerors do with freedom, but to wreak havoc upon all others.
In a land of many tribes with many languages, and many beliefs, will choice represent freedom, or will it bring anarchy?
Can anyone hold the patent to what freedom should be?
Should anyone impose their way upon another?

The ways of this world
evolve with changing knowledge
But the cores are wise
they have stood the test of time
Identities set in stone

Is freedom a thing like Death, profound and meant for all?
And if it is like death, then the way we perceive it…

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Locked Up (Blitz Poem)

Locked up —- a blitz poem — by Michelle Ayon Navajas


Locked Up

locked up and caged
locked up and broken
broken like little mice
broken little lives
lives played
lives ruined
ruined for entertainment
ruined for fun
fun and amusement
fun and recreation
recreation or past time
recreation or abuse
abuse for life
abuse for nature’s gift
gift given
gift bestowed
bestowed by God
bestowed for humanity
humanity destroying
humanity playing
playing God
playing a fool
fool to believe
fool to castigate
castigate when wrong
castigate when disobedient
disobedient to authority
disobedient to tyranny
tyranny and bigotry
tyranny and oppression
oppression and persecution
oppression and despotism
despotism over democracy
despotism over freedom
freedom of speech
freedom of fear
fear from persecution
fear from execution
execution without just trial
execution without fair judgement
judgement call
judgement eye
eye for truth
eye for justice
justice delayed
justice denied
denied and banned
denied and forsaken
forsaken by humanity
forsaken by fate

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KEY TO FREEDOM – Reena’s Xploration Challenge #257

Key to Freedom …. by Ken Hume

Poetry and Prose of Ken Hume


Locked up again
And behind bars
An unwelcome case of deja vu
These orange jumpsuits
And cold concrete surroundings
Were becoming all too familiar
Jason put up his feet
Sat back & closed his eyes
Like he was at home
This was the best he could hope for.
Ron leaned forward
(Hands resting on his lap)
With a glum; angry expression
On his furrowed brow.
The doors of their minds locked,
Like their bodies
Resistant to change
Incapable of breaking free
Chronically unable
To live a different kind of life.
Chris, however
Open book in his hand
Appeared content: determined
Smug almost
And completely engrossed
In his reading material
Until his eyes fixed
On one particular quote
Then it seemed like
A light bulb came on
And the lock opened
He suddenly realised
What he needed to do
To be free.

Should you wish…

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Remember …
By Roshni

Let's read our words


Remember the days that flew by,
veiled in truths, lies, smiles, and goodbyes.
But, amid life’s charms, you live by
Remember the days that flew by,
of regrets, yet tough to bid bye,
whispering to be wise at times…
Remember the days that flew by,
Veiled in truths, lies, smiles, and goodbyes.

This triolet is written in response to Reena’s Xploration Challenge #256

Image by Bellezza87 from Pixabay 

Thank You 😊😊

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His True Love

His true love ….by Larry Trasciatti


I fell in love with sweet Laura but it was not meant to be

the skies were dark and no bright birds sang

when she walk hand in hand with me

I fell in love with sweet Lauren but neither did our love last

the undertaker worked overtime

until our affair had passed

at last I have met sweet Laurie

and she is the bride for me

and now I sit here reading

of what was not ever meant to be

of broken hearts from so long ago

o shall I ever again be set free?

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Reena Saxena

Thanks a ton, Susi Bocks, for including me in this.

I Write Her

Evie S. – Unsplash


I am no Midas
yet everything I touch now
acquires new meaning
Is it an artist’s vision
or a poet’s call and yearning?


change seeps in
itself in
deep psyche layers
mirrors lie with the same face


memories unfold
-a pressed flower in the book
crushed before its time
I strive to read stories etched
on petals, not the pages


rainbows show
multiple layers,
complex truths
in seven
predefined colors
-I look for what lies beyond


Reena Saxena is a former banker, coach, and writer from Mumbai, India. Published works are available on Amazon – When Time Stopped (Fiction), Com Pen Di Um (Poetry Anthology), Life As It Happens (Poetry Anthology), Basic Banking for Debt Recovery Agents, and E-books on Money Psychology available on the MoneyGoalz website. This is Reena’s first feature on

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