Living with Insanity

Someday, this will be over– only remembered like some half-felt and fading nightmare. Someday, nobody will believe that it actually happened, that she had to go through the hell they know only from novels or movies. People who see the smiling couple posing for pictures will never know what transpired in the privacy of their chambers. … Continue reading Living with Insanity


The verdict is out. “All four accused found guilty, to be hanged to death….” The defense lawyer is defiant. “I cannot let four young people die for the sake of one girl, who was out on the streets in late hours.” A whisper in the crowd, “Is this man for real?” The nervous speaker has … Continue reading Volcanoes

Stubs of a soul

“For how long do you think my old stubby fingers can hold up the cause? World peace is not sustainable. Earlier, people fought for patches of land. Then, wars were fought on sea and air. Now control strategies have got into the lungs of people. It cannot be eliminated, as long as the downfall of … Continue reading Stubs of a soul

The fly who escaped traps

Coming back to life is a dream come true … for those who worked at nullifying the curse, for those who waited patiently for the unfreeze, but did not live to see this day. There is bustling life outside – humans looking different, semi-humans and robots. And the inhumans? Well, they’ve always been there, but … Continue reading The fly who escaped traps


It is the same beast again. She is known to be a strong woman, committed to her various missions in life. She takes enmity in her stride, and hurts just enough to make way for herself. There is no interest in the enemy after her work is accomplished. She has never felt the need, nor … Continue reading Psychopaths

Thick plot

The filmmaker’s obsession with women wearing white was well known. The blockbusters he produced would often show a woman in white, soaked to the skin under a waterfall or shower. The scene was always picture perfect, with intense colors of mountains and sky floating on the screen, as a backdrop to female sensuousness. Tabloids would … Continue reading Thick plot

Deja Vu

Déjà vu is a word I’ve read about, but this place makes me feel it in the bones. Have I been here before? Going with my life history, this is the first visit. But why did I feel drawn to this god-forsaken place? I’ve read too many stories on rebirth. So, I go around looking … Continue reading Deja Vu

Lingua Franca

There are certain words that sprung up in my late years, and some existing words in the dictionary that became commonplace. Words got abbreviated, and the spirit lost in the carelessness with which these are thrown around. Awesome and Rockstar are two I can recall right away. ‘Amazing’ was the boss’s remark on congratulatory mails … Continue reading Lingua Franca


Asphyxiation …. Suffocation ….. choking feeling in the throat. She could never find the exact word for the feeling. But this is how she felt all her life with the negativity and pessimism around her. They are all well-meaning, highly respected people in their social and professional spheres, but who lack the capacity to imagine … Continue reading Asphyxiated

Being Mom

Plop! She woke up from her reverie with the sound of a ball creating a splash in the bucket. Her toddler was at the game again, and the two older ones about to return from school. She rued about the disappearance of eight years of her life, as she lay the table with snacks for … Continue reading Being Mom