“Damn…”, he muttered under his breath, “the same cloudy skies making faces at me again.…” “Uncle Harry, it’s time to go home.” A tiny hand clutched on to Harry’s wrist. “No, not yet. I have to save her.” “There’s no one out there.” The child’s plea passed off unnoticed.  Splash …. Harry jumped in the … More Guilt


I’m not in hiding. There are doors to the left, one of which will take me to the past. There is a road on the right, which goes straight ahead to freedom and bliss. The choice seems obvious. But what are these currents passing through, highlighting alphabets from a script? It feels as if the … More Swaying

Mezzanine floors

The janitor never let me in. I was a mere kid. It left me with a feeling of horizons unexplored. Was there another flight of stairs, beyond the confines of vision? Was there another sky – not blue? My paintings reflect unexplored skies – birds on my shoulder whispering messages from the universe. My adventures … More Mezzanine floors


Aligned shoulder blades and a confident gait set her apart from the crowd. It felt like the metro station turned into a ramp, and escalators moved slow, just because she walked on it. Maybe, it was his perspective. He was seeing her after a long gap. The beauty was intact, but fragility had disappeared. His … More Anti-fragile

Digitally yours

You are not allowed to send this. The deceased was Covid-infected.” “I’ve heard the virus does not survive beyond a certain temperature.” “Yet, I cannot expose the whole delivery network.” “Flights to India are not operational. This needs to mingle with the soil there.The funeral was Zoomcast, but how does this go?” “It has to … More Digitally yours

Bridge to nowhere

The Palace of Wheels, Rajasthan, India  “There was a girl in the compartment. She asked if I’ve come for her, and gave me this piece of paper.” The attendant quietly took the paper from me, and scanned it. “Here it is ….. November, 1960” “What does that mean?” “It’s the spirit of a girl who … More Bridge to nowhere

Contingency plan

Company headquarters in Germany devised a contingency plan in 2020. What if the workforce in India fails to deliver during the pandemic? It is a country of 1.2 billion with less healthcare facilities. Today, news arrives that we need to plan to deliver more. A major part of the German workforce is indisposed. “Hey! What … More Contingency plan

The Glass Mountain

She was castigated for her courage, let down by those who resented her leadership, put down by puny egos. Yet, she rose to be at the pinnacle of a small mountain she constructed by choice. A tiny, glass mountain adorned her desk and she never failed to credit it with being a source of inspiration. … More The Glass Mountain


“Thanks for guarding what I left behind! I ran three blocks to find this.” His twinkling eyes betray the shabbiness of his attire. “Are you sure you will take it back?” “Yes. Why do you ask?” “I’m convinced that you’re the owner. Three others stopped, sprayed sanitiser on it, and are probably waiting somewhere in … More Protocols