Choice – by Deepa (syncwithdeep)


being left
in the dark
is a wise choice
light can
hurt as well…

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #70

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This is inspired by a Hindi poem, written by Amit Agrawal (hecblogger) here, for Reena's Exploration Challenge #70   perspectives draw me into a convoluted logic I see you in mirrors, not prisms in a lab   your crowning glory clouds my existence but I see you glow in fading sunlight   brilliance of your countenance blinds … Continue reading Submerged


She was born with a talent to sketch. Her businessman father often joked, “Your artist grandpa’s creative genes bypassed me to reach you. Your children will probably get into business – like me.” “Dad, I’ll make sure they get creative. It is a challenge I accept.” They would guffaw loudly, as they moved to the … Continue reading Inheritance

Closed Off

‘Closed off’ – by V J Knutson

One Woman's Quest

I search for sustenance
with indifference –
have difficulty navigating
the aisles of available options.

Divorced from former dreams,
I hunger for renewed inspiration,
encounter only loss and confusion.

Goddess advises, and I,
ear-closed irritated,
hear only assertions
of inadequacy.

I exit possibility,
have lost the vessel
that once propelled me.

(Linking up to Reena’s Exploration Challenge #70)

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“Well, I think it’s funny. It cannot be sheer coincidence that ……” His sentence was abruptly cut short by his half-brother, Billy…. “You never made an effort to decipher synchronicity. Universal energy flows in certain directions, and it can create magic.” “Magic, indeed! He did not kick the stool, but managed to kill himself.” “Read … Continue reading Who?