Guessing games

Rainbows are beautiful, but inadequate to narrate all hues and shades of human emotions. Skies make an effort with a few more colors – notorious blacks, ambiguous grays, perplexing purples and translucent blues. Yet, the barriers to the human mind are insurmountable – physical boundaries, personal space, privacy of thought, secretive silence – all conjure … Continue reading Guessing games


Eternal Myth

Fire changes, and each moth approaches it without knowing the fate of those who died before … at least without being able to connect the cause of death with fatal attraction. The Sun is one, but fields of sunflowers change. Moods and emotions change. Undying love renews itself every moment to sustain itself. Understanding is … Continue reading Eternal Myth


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Even though hers was a marriage arranged by her parents, she got to choose her life partner as per her liking. She considered herself lucky as her partner’s educational qualification, likes, dislikes, social stature was compatible to hers. She wasn’t compelled to work after marriage as they were from a very well to do family and she thought it was best to quit work after marriage and give her 100% to her new role as a homemaker.

Her initial days of marriage were rosy and colourful as her imagination. She was getting to learn and experience life in a new, never before unexplored way.She enjoyed cooking for her husband and adding vibrance to her home. It was like her life was complete.

Slowly, monotony and a feeling of uneasy regularity crept in. She wasn’t denied comforts, independence, choice, but she felt a sense of hollowness. People envied her for the…

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driving across continents riding on international law conquering fear of the oblivion risking the unknown   my free spirit hopes to find redemption or salvation -but falls in depths below   imprisoned for seeking a life I hope those I left behind meet a peaceful end wherever they are