Heart’s Heed

Heart’s Heed ….by Caffeinated Philosophy.

Caffeinated Philosophy

Th following poem was inspired by this prompt from Reena Saxena, and this prompt from ronovanwrites. I encourage you to have a look at them if you’re looking to give your creativity a nudge. 😉

Image from Pixabay

It’s been said, “Time heals all wounds.”
Look around you; this isn’t true
Nay, mental wounds are more like glue
Tend to stick ‘til given heart’s heed

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Vintage is a numberarbitrarinessof those who thinkthey define contemporary Vintage is what lends valueto a historian orarchaeologist’s workor a fashionistarunning out of ideas Vintage is digging intoclosets or atticswhen there’s time to spareand you can return to lifewithout a hint of carefor what you posted onhandles for likes Vintage is an erasmiling at visitorsfrom the … Continue reading Vintage


Freedom is…

Freedom is when I work non-stop,but get to choosethe kind of assignments I likethe kind of work that excites meinspires me to keep learning,delivering to perfectionand not having to worry aboutbudgets or check book balancing Freedom is when peoplewith decades behind,tonnes of experienceon their back and mindlive light ….by rediscovering, reinventinglife in moments to savourcreating … Continue reading Freedom is…


How I wish the book was never found….. It contains recipes for potions used to cure village folk. The healers were worshipped, and charged a king’s ransom for healing poverty-stricken patients. Amanda, the oldest maid in the palatial household, mentions boxes full of gold bars in hushed tones. She’d earned the honour of visiting the … Continue reading Dis-ease

Storytellers’ Nightmare

The sequence of events matters in establishing the cause-and-effect scenario. It’s the meat of the story. Promos are just crumbs thrown around to build up an appetite. The words ring in my ears as I listen to different versions of an unusual incident. It’s a lesson in building narrative. What’s scary is the impact these … Continue reading Storytellers’ Nightmare

Art and Time

Art and Time …
By Dan

Dan's Writing and Gaming Blog

On her writing blog Reena Saxena has provided two images as writing prompts for this week, one of which is an image of clocks. The clocks, together with my second job as an art model, inspired me to write a poem in free verse, illustrated with a drawing of mine that includes a self-portrait, pot belly and all. The names of both the art gallery and the artist are fictional.

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