Life span

illuminated ready to take center stage harvest moon wonders how long will the glory last till it starts falling apart


Only if I knew

The challenge Cage-fighting wasn’t a publicly sanctioned event; a fact which increased its popularity among certain demographics. As with all human enterprises there were rules. Fighters couldn’t leave the ring until the fight had reached a satisfactory conclusion. The referee’s ruling was absolute. Death matches were prohibited. Death was messy. Death meant corpses and corpses …

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It takes time to plan

“You’ve had enough time to prove yourself, but you have only disappointed so far.” “You underestimate the time it takes to reach the top.” “Can you put a number to it?” “Tell me if you can. Manoeuvring one’s way up, when there are no steps or ladders in place is a task. Flying is an …

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 104

A thousand centuries …. by Sadje

Keep it alive


My choice;


A thousand centuries have passed

Yet we are nowhere near finding our humanity

We will ostracize our own people

Because their skin is a different color

Shunning them because of their

Language, dress or the beliefs they follow

We are even worse than animals

Who harm other only when they have to survive

The humans take up arms just because they can

And we breed animosity without reason

We harbor grudges which are born out of spite

How many centuries will go by

Before we become humans, kind and gracious

What will convert us into peace loving race

Instead of the civilized barbarians we are?

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House of Glass

House of Glass is the newest shop on the street. Nobody has seen the owners, but reflections make people dizzy as they enter the shop. Different shapes and expressions of my face surprise me – are these hidden aspects of my personality? Is the idea of a different identity being imposed on me? Is there …

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Long-term plan

“Kids can’t understand your philosophy. Please don’t pollute their minds.” The school Principal is upset with me. A notice is circulated, re-emphasizing that politics and religion not be discussed in classrooms. Classrooms? There is a huge field out there, where I influence students. I’m their fave, friendly mentor. The administration has no clue about my …

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge – 104

Teresa Smeigh’s take on the prompt ….

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

Reena’s Exploration Challenge – 104

Reena’s Rules:



Here’s a rather long paragraph by Jiddu Krishnamurthy…See web page for the paragraph.


I was 12 years old and excited. So excited I couldn’t sleep. Tomorrow I was going on an aeroplane. It was a small plane, and I sat next to the pilot. There were no more passengers. It couldn’t hold anymore. This was a lot of excitement for a 12-year-old boy.


I chose the combo of 3, 6, 9 which was words sat, aeroplane and the.

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