Sealed …. by Diana Coombes

Writer Ravenclaw

Written for

Only to be opened on the event of my death.

Family, friends, the maid and a little dog called Molly, sat in the chairs. The solicitor opened up the sealed envelope, and faced the family with a smile. He was the only one privy to the information, having been there when the will was made.

So, where to the mansion, million pounds and his chain of superstores go? The solicitor tapped his pen on the desk, and read the words on the page. ‘To my family, I leave the gift of a smile. For that is all they are going to get. To the maid, as long as she looks after my dog, I give my entire fortune.’

One by one, they left the room.

The maid, still holding the dog, gave a shiver. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do with her new fortune…

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